Easy Newspaper Flowers DIY

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Making paper flowers is fun and can often be VERY easy! Today the focus is on Newspapers and wonderful DIY Newspaper Ideas with this super duper EASY Newspaper Flowers DIY!

Newspaper Flowers DIY - such a super pretty chabby chic flower DIY. These are quick to make - are nice and big (or small if you prefer) and a great way to decorate quickly and inexpensively. We do love upcycled Newspaper DIYs and these watercolor newspaper flowers are just gorgeous. Love those buttons in the centre!
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These paper flowers are super drifty (they cost us practically nothing to make) and look great on the front of Greeting Cards (maybe for Mother’s Day?), as part of quirky gift wrap (it would look lovely we plain brown paper gift wrap) or decorating your wall or wardrobe – or maybe around the side of a mirror. One simple craft. Lots of uses. And super arty too! These newspaper flowers would be a great Spring decoration or maybe a lovely Easter Craft with Newspapers too?!

I first saw similar over on Crafting Mom, hop over and check hers out too (she has some handy templates you can use if you wish!). And if you love paper flowers, you may REALLY like these oh so simple 3d Paper Flowers too.

Easy Newspaper Flowers – Materials

  • Newspapers – you will need about one double sided broadsheet per flower (and still have some paper left over)
  • water colours (but you can use acrylic paints too)
  • A button (we recycled some from old clothing)
  • A little craft wire (if you don’t have any, you can use ties from sandwich bags and strip them of the plastic!)
  • Scissors, brushes and water

Easy Newspaper Flowers – How To

As per usual, I have both a lovely newspaper flowers how to video on auto play, as well as written instructions down below. I hope you find both useful!!!

Painting your newspapers

  1. I started off by selecting 3 different templates from around the house, a small plate, a bowl and a glass. There is no exact size for  this, so pick what you think goes well together.
  2. Then I drew circles with the templates – roughly 2 large, 3 medium and 2 small.
  3. Next, take you watercolours – or your acrylic paints – whatever you have chosen for these lovely DIY Newspaper Flowers – and start painting your circles. I enjoyed using 2-3 colours in each circle. Focussing on making sure there was a good amount of colour at the EDGE of the circles.
  4. Let your newspaper circles dry fully.

Assembling your newspaper flowers

  1. Once dry, I roughly cut out the circles. Overlayed similar sized circles and then cut them out NEATLY with a woven/ petal edge. Usually about 5-6 layers at a time. It is not an exact science and it won’t matter if the sized differ.
  2. You can now arrange your individual newspaper sheets into flowers – again – 2 large newspaper “petals”, 3 medium sized newspaper “petals” and 2 small “petals”.
  3. Get a button and push your craft wire through it in a u-shape.
  4. With scissors (or the craft wire if it is strong enough), make a small (!) hole at the centre of your 7 sheets of newspaper. Then carefully insert the craft wire. On the bag, spread it apart like brad. And if you wish you can secure the wire on the newspaper with a little tape.
  5. You are almost done. I now scrunched up my whole newspaper flower. Then started pulling apart each newspaper “petal” and rearranging it a little. FINISHED.

As mentioned, I think these DIY Newspaper Flowers, would look great as room decor (secure them on your wall or wardrobe with a little masking tape). They would look lovely on some “newspaper” or brown paper wrapped gifts or as a decoration on a gift back. You can also use these easy newspaper flowers on the front of a mother’s day card. Or create a giant collage wall at school! One easy newspaper diy, SO many uses! I hope you like these flowers as much as we do!

Love it when you send in your finished makes!!!

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