Free Printable Christmas Nativity Colouring Page

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A wonderful FREE printable Christmas Nativity Coloring Page! Yes, our Printable Nativity Scene is completely free to download for Red Ted Art readers. This is such a cute Nativity Coloring Page design, that I couldn’t resist making this available FOR FREE!! Woohoo! We love Printable Christmas Crafts.

printable christmas nativity

This whole set of printable Christmas Coloring pages is based on the wonderful 3d Cone Principle. You have seen our Christmas Gnomes before or our 3d Paper Angel Printable. This is a super popular concept, that I can now share with you as a Nativity Cone Printable too!

They make adorable Printable Cone Christmas Decorations!

Now as this is such a big set of paper cone Christmas characters, they are made in a about “half” size to the previous printables. This allows you to speed up the coloring a little, as well as for your Nativity display not to take up too much space!

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3d Gingerbread House STEAM project

Gingerbread House Printable – choose from “full color” and gingerbread house coloring pages. These make a great stand along activity (coloring page) OR use the full color version as an Advent Calendar or gift box! Enjoy.

What does the Nativity Cone Printables include?

Isn’t it adorable? This is a fantastic Nativity Set to print and color with the kids, it comes with 11 different parts. As part part of this printable Christmas Coloring Page, you will get:

  • A barn backdrop
  • Mary, Jospeh and baby Jesus (on one one page, so you can make just this if you wish)
  • 3 different Wise Men/ Kings
  • 2 sheep and a donkey
  • As well as classic Christmas Angel Coloring Page (you can make JUST the angel if you wish!)
small nativity

What I love about this printable Nativity Set, is that you can “go large” or go small with the number of characters you choose to print out and add to your Nativity Scene. Many of my readers enjoy making a “mini” Nativity scene – using just the Mary Cone, Jospeh Cone and Baby Jesus Cone!

Supplies needed for you FREE Nativity Scene printable:

  • 5 Pieces of Printer Paper
  • Coloring pencils, pens or markers. Watercolors would work well too!
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue stick to secure the cones

As per usual this printable is hosted on my Gumroad Account to help with hosting the printables.. please at $0 at check out as this is a freebie for you!! However, if you do wish to leave a small tip, that of course, is always appreciated too. Especially this time of year. THANK YOU!

full set of printables

At present these Nativity Cones are only available as Coloring Pages (sorry!). But they do look fantastic that way too:

nativity scence coloring pages

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no leg nomes

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Our 3d Angel Christmas Cone (this actually requires no glue, as the wings come attached!). This one is big enough to be used as an Angel Tree Topper!

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light up nativity printable

Fantastic Nativity Scene Tealight Printable – this is a super simple 3d Nativity that can hold an electric tealight if you wish to add that for some extra glow!

Finally check out this Printable Christmas Cone Decoration – fantastic Christmas Tree Coloring Pages. Simply beautiful!

Hope you enjoy all these Printable Christmas Coloring Pages this Holiday season!

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