Easy Orangutan Corner Bookmark


Earlier we shared with you our Toilet Paper Roll Orangutan Craft. It only felt right to also make an Orangutan Corner Bookmark! Afterall, we have almost every other Corner Bookmark Design.. it felt like it had to be!

These Paper Orangutan Bookmarks are great for any Borneo or Zoo Study Units. They are quick and easy to make!

Paper Orangutan Bookmark Craft

To make your Orangutan Bookmark, you will need:

  • Orange paper – 15 x 15cm is good dimensions
  • Paper in contrasting colours and extra orange – we used white and cream, but browns and greys can work too
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Black pen

How to make an Orangutan Corner Bookmark

Begin by making your basic Origami Bookmark (as per this article or the video shared here). The article over here has step by step photos if you prefer!

Once you have made your basic origami bookmark in orange paper, it is time to decorate and embellish it into an Orangutan.

You will need some Orangutan features

paper orangutan features

I cute a white “heart shape” with the bottom cut off for the face/ eyes.

A cream oval for the mouth part.

And alarge egg shape for the beard.

monkey features

Add your Orangutan features in black pen – small eyes a mouth and nostrils.

Glue the cream paper to the orange one and trim it make it look like an orange beard! Glue to the eyes part.

orangutan bookmark how to

Glue to the orange bookmark and cut some of the edges to shape it a little.

Bookmark Orangutan how to

And finished. This what your Orangutan Corner Bookmark looks like in a book:


Hope you enjoy this easy paper Orangutan Craft. Do check out our Toilet Paper Roll Orangutan too!

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