How to make a Tea Light Snowman Ornament

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Here is a super cute little Snowman Craft for you – a Tea Light Snowman – I love how quick and easy it is to make this snowman.. and that you can use this snowman craft as a Christmas Tree Ornament. Alternatively, add a little pin to the back and you have a fun and festive Seasonal Brooch to wear. We also have a cute Penguin Ornament version! If you love SNOWMEN in general.. do stop by and see these Snowman Crafts JUST FOR YOU!

Make a fun Tealight Snowman Ornament – it Lights Up!

snowman tealight ornament
Note: this snowman tealight ornament was first published in Dec 2014 and has been updated and republished for your convenience.

I first spotted this little Snowman many moons ago and have been wanting to make it ever since.

I love how the faux flame candles make the best snowman snow both switched off and lit up! So fun.

Original Tealights Snowman Inspiration

Then a few weeks ago, I pulled together our 30 Snowman Crafts Ideas and featured The Serene Stamper’s tea light snowmen craft. I am not sure if she is the originator of this quirky craft – but it is the one I found!! I do hope I have the right person linked. If it is YOU that invented these, do drop me a line and I can add a link to you too!

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Tea Light Snowman – Materials:

Snowman Craft - Light Up Tea Light Snowman Ornament
  • Electric Tea Lights (US Readers find tea lights here and UK Readers find them here (affiliate links))
  • A piece of ribbon per snowman*
  • Felt*
  • Pens
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun or good White/ PVA glue

*I used ribbons and felt, as I had nice patterns and colours, but you can make the hat out of cardboard or craft foam. You can make the scarf from felt, or finger knitting/ french knitting or scraps of fabric. Have a look around in your crafts stash and see what you have!

Make sure your tealight battery works before you get started!

How to Make your Tea Light Snowman (watch the video):

Here is our recently updated How To Video!

Step by Step written instructions:

electric tea light snowman ornament
Turn on the light to light up the snowman’s carrot nose!

The steps really are very simple!

Step 1 Wrap the ribbon around the tea light and tie it. Cut the excess -but leave enough
for a scarf effect. If it helps, you can add a small line of glue to the outside of the tealight first. But it isn’t strictly necessary!

Step 2 Cut the hat out of felt. Glue on some ribbon for decoration. I made a snowman top hat, so that this works as a Christmas Ornament or Winter Ornament. But of course you can have fun with Santa Hats and pom poms or other woolly hat designs! You could even add some small pom pom and pipe cleaners to make ear muffs!

Step 3 Glue on the hat on the tea light.

Step 4 Draw mouth (just add some black dots for coals) and eyes with marker pens or a good sharpie.

What do you think? Aren’t they simply super easy to make and fun! I am now addicted and want to make lots and lots and lots of Tea Light Snowmen! They would make a cute gift in the run up to Christmas for sure!

I recently spotted this wonderful Witch Tea Light ornament too – how cute?! And don’t forget to check out our Penguin Tealights too!

light up snowman - Tea Light Snowman - These are so fun and easy to make. Look great on the Christmas tree, are a wonderful little gift and you can also enjoy them into the new year. Love how the nose goes ON AND OFF. So fun! via Red Ted Art
Snowman Tea Lights are just too cute!

Aren’t the snowmen simply delightful?!

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Have fun making your Tea Light Snowman holiday decorations!

Merry Christmas!