Easy Origami Shirt – Father’s Day Card

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Time for some little Origami Shirts! After the runaway success of these oh so cute Origami Dresses, I thought it was time for some fantastically easy Origami Shirts!! They make a great Father’s Day Card for kids! Whatever Father’s Day Gifts you are making, be sure to include this own Super Dad Origami shirt!

I love that you can “Open up” these shirts and add a special message inside, making this easy origami pattern for kids PERFECT for Father’s Day too! We decided to decorate ours as “Superhero Shirt Cards”, but of course, you can add any message inside or pictures of loved ones. These  DIY Origami Shirts can also be made as an Origami Shirt Money Gift idea! Perfect Father’s Day DIY for kids.

I created this origami shirt video tutorial, in collaboration with Rainbow Tinkle’s World on YouTube. Rainbow Tinkle has a fantastic YouTube channel that makes LOTS of “MINI CRAFTS”.. here mini doll house rooms are just wonderful and so ingenius. You can see her Mini Wardrobe and Accessories video down below!! 

Easy Origami Shirt DIY – Matrials

Unlike OTHER Origami you will need a rectangular sheet of paper for these Origami Shirts. The exact dimension don’t matter too much, but ours were 15 x 18cm.

Then you will need some pens for decorating and that is it!

If you wish you can cut out the tie from coloured paper – and draw a superman logo separately  – then cut it out and stick it in… it is just a question of preference and style!

How to make Origami Shirt Easy

These really are a super duper quick and easy to learn how to make! Enjoy!!

Aren’t they fabulous? The shirts really are SUPER easy to learn how to make.. and I hope you found the video tutorial for “how to draw a superman logo” handy too…

Mini Wardrobe Video

And promised, her is Rainbow Tinkle’s World ADORABLE Mini Wardrobe DIY…


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