Pop Up Father’s Day Card

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Well.. with father’s day just around the corner, we have a fabulous little DIY Pop Up Father’s Day Card for you – especially great for Star Wars Crafts Lovers: Yoda Best Dad! Now the best thing about this DIY Father’s Day Card, is that it is perfect for ANY Star Wars fan – be it “Yoda Best Mom”, “Yoda Best Teacher”, “Yoda Best Brother” or “Yoda Best Friend”.. you can quickly and easily adapt the card to suit all occasions. So Moms, teachers and Best Friends can also enjoy this fab make. But of course we particularly love it as a DIY Father’s Day Card!

Pop Up Father's Day Card - Yoda Best Dad - fabulous and easy 3D Fathers Day card for Star Wars fans. This can be adapted for Birthdays, Teachers and of course Star Wars loving Mums. Make it from scratch following our step by step guide or use the fabulous Pop Up Father's Day Card PRINTABLES. May the Force be with you. #fathersday #fathers #yoda #printable #fathersdaycard #cards #popup #starwars
Making Pop Up Yoda cards since June 2017!

AND, the best thing? I show you how to make this Yoda Card DIY either as a step by step process, so you two can make this from scratch OR you can use our handy free Father’s Day Card printables – and you can choose from a Colour yourself card or a ready coloured one… so depending on how much time you have. How short notice this card is for making… you can choose the process to suit you: Make from scratch, print and colour or print and stick. A pop up father’s day card to suit all time scales and abilities!!!

Oh.. and why not make this fantastic Darth Vader Bookmark and add it inside the card as a small Father’s Day gift too??? Just perfect, don’t you think? And why not check out these funny jokes for kids.. and add one to Dad’s card?!

So.. calling all Star Wars fans… let’s take a look and see how this Pop Up Yoda Father’s Day Card is made.

3D Pop Up Father’s Day Card – YODA BEST – Materials:

If making from scratch –

  • Paper or light card in “Yoda colours”
  • We used light green, beige, brown and white (to create the light saber)

If using the yoda printable

You will also need

  • A5 Card folded in half (or ready made A6 card making card)
  • Background paper/ light card (ours is light blue) in JUST SMALLER than A5
  • Scissors
  • Pens
  • Glue stick

3D Pop Up Father’s Day Card – YODA BEST DAD

You can watch our Yoda Pop Up Card video tutorial or follow the step by step instructions!

Watch the DIY Pop Up Card video above or follow the written instructions below or apply the same principles as per our Pop Up Snowman Card.

Prepare the card for “popping up”. This is how you make a basic Pop Up Card DIY.

To star your pop up card, make sure your background paper is approximately 1cm smaller than your A5 card.

Fold your A5 Card in Half.

Fold your coloured background card in half. Around the centre of this sheet, cut two 1.5cm strips into your back ground paper.

Fold the strips back onto themselves.

Open up the background paper and push the little square you have created through. As mentioned you can check this Pop Up Snowman Card post for information. The same principles apply to this Pop Up Star Wars card.


Now make your Pop Up Yoda.

As mentioned you can either download your a Yoda to cut and colour or cut and stick… OR You can follow our instructions that easily “deconstructs” Yoda for you and helps you make your very own Pop Up Yoda from scratch!

To Make Yoda’s Head 

Cut a green oval and two pointy ears. The ears a bit like petals. Then cut a small green triangle for Yoda’s neck.

Draw on your face as per my illustration.

To make Yoda’s Robes

Next cut a long thing rectangle to make form the “underneath” clothing of Yoda’s Robs.

You Now need a beige or light brown robes. I cut a conical shaped beige piece out and made sure it fitted to our head and brown “bit”.

After that I cout out a small slice of circle to represent Yoda’s right harm (held behind his back) and another rectangle for the left harm. Yoda’s hand is made out of a circluar green piece of card.

Finally make a light saber out of your white card. I used a silver pen for the halter and a blue/ yellow highlighter mixed for the green light saber light (I didn’t have a green high lighter, ha!).

Now assemble your Pop Up Yoda 

Like a puzzle glue all your pieces together.

Start with the robes and work your way up.

Assembling your DIY Pop Up Father’s Day Card – Yoda Best Dad

Glue the bottom of your Yoda to the small square on the background paper/ light card.

Then glue the background paper onto your A5 card stock. Be sure NOT to add glue to the little pop out bit.

Make sure you smoothen the background down flat.

FINALLY… print out your YODA BEST DAD message, cut and glue in whatever space you like!

And you are finished!! Whoop.

Hope you enjoyed making this fun Star Wars Craft! And now don’t forget to make your own Darth Vader Bookmark to go with it.

And because we LOVE YODA here in this house.. and we think  this video is so funny… I am sharing this little song with you!!! Teehee. Hope you like it too.

If you are gifting these on Father’s Day or Dad’s Birthday, why not also make some princess leia cupcakes?! So fun!

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Enjoy make your DIY Pop Up Father’s Day Card! Hope you are inspired. Yoda Best!!! And may the Force be with you.

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