Easy Origami Stars

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Oh I can’t believe that the Christmas Paper Crafts Season is coming to an end! How we LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas Crafts. Sigh. Well today, we have lovely little Paper Origami Stars that is great for Christmas, but also the New Year and well… all year round really!!!  I think that DIY Stars make the perfect party decorations on New Year’s Eve.

They would look great on top of a Christmas tree. Or turn them into a mobile. These paper stars would also look lovely as part of a greeting card.. so many uses. ONE DIY. I would say this origami pattern is still an EASY Origami Pattern, BUT for someone feel a little more confident. So it is not a complete beginner’s origami, but for someone who is ready for the next challenge.


Easy Origami Stars – Materials


Origami paper DOES help though, as it is a little thinner and allows for better or  more accurate creases. You can stock up on pretty Origami paper here: US readers/ UK readers (affiliate links).

You may also enjoy these WONDERFUL traditional Winter Stars all the way from Germany! You will need a little glue for these, but they are oh so pretty!


Easy Origami Paper Star How To:

As with the majority of our origami projects, we are sharing today’s how to as a video again – it really makes it SO MUCH easier to follow. Remember to pause the video if you need more time at each steps and listen to the voice over for extra tips and instructions! I hope you find the video useful and do remember to subscribe to our free and super family friendly YouTube channel!

Now, I do think the first star can be a little tricky (a little like our Origami Christmas Trees too). But do persevere, once you get your head around the pattern, you will notice, that to make this paper star, you re-creating the same fold 4 times. When that pattern falls into place, you will be making these stars all the time and everywhere you go. Super easy and fun. I do think they would look great as a set of say 8-12 stars of different sizes hanging from a mobile in child’s room. Or make make 3 different sizes stars, string them up and have them as a hanging ornament or garland?

These paper stars are a great way to get to that next level of paper folding. I really do think that this is still and easy origami project, but definitely for someone a little more confident or ready to learn the next fold! It will help you progress in your origami skills for sure.

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Hope you enjoyed our little and hopefully easy Origami stars. Hooray for paper crafts!!!