DIY Star Crafts Ideas

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There is nothing more magical than Stars!! DIY Star Crafts Ideas are perfect for Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Fourth of July and any birthday or wedding celebrations.

DIY Star Crafts Ideas for All Year Round

DIY Star Craft Ideas for all seasons
Over 50 DIY Star Craft Ideas for all ages!

The majority of the DIY Stars shared here today are very colourful and pretty! You could easily adapt the colours to suit different colour schemes – e.g.:

So.. whatever occassion you are making stars for… let me take you into the world of stars! Enjoy these fun star party decorations!

How to make Paper Stars

First up, we look at one of my favourite craft mediums – paper crafts! This section is great for older children and grown ups!

Gorgeous Paper Star Crafts and DIYs

As you know, we are currently a little Paper Crafts mad here at Red Ted Art (check out my new Easy Paper Projects book!!). So I thought starting of with some fun How to make Paper Star post would be a great way to “kick things off”.

3d Paper Stars kirigami

Easy Kirigami Stars

Let’s start off with these 3d Paper Star Kirigami. Kirigami is the art of combining origami with one of two clever cuts too. So you will need to follow a simple origami star folding process and then make one cut. Love how these paper stars pop into a 3d shape. The great thing about this paper craft, is that no templates are needed!

Origami Stars

Alternatively, you don’t want to do any cutting… try these classic Origami Paper Stars! Aren’t they lovely? I think they would be fantastic as 4th July stars for sure!

Origami Lucky Stars

Another great origami star, is the so called Origami Lucky Stars made from long strips of paper. People often like to write wishes and dreams onto the paper before folding it into these cute little 3d lukcy stars. Similarly, people like to make a whole jar full of lucky stars on New Year’s Eve. You can also sew these lucky stars onto threads to make ornaments or even bracelets! Follow our easy tutorial.


Origami Star Bowls

Last one on the origami thread.. some wonderful Origami Paper Star Bowls, though will need a little glue to connect each of the 5 star points. These make for great little Christmas snack bowls or New Year’s Eve party decor!


Giant Paper Bag Stars

These giant paper bag stars are super popular, not just because they are easy, but because they are also 5 minute giant Paper Bag Stars ie SO quick to make and a wonderful way to decorate large spaces!

Paper Star Wreath - these paper stars are surprisingly easy to make and are a fabulous introduction to beginner Origami

Paper Star Wreath

This Origami Star Wreath is a grat example of how you can switch colours out to suit different occassions. Again – in red, white and blue, this makes a wonderful paper 4th July wreath.. but make it in yellow or green, it becomes a wonderful paper Christmas wreath.

Giant Paper Snowflake or Star

Is it a snowflake or is a star?!

In yellow these traditional skandinavian Paper Snowflakes make great Giant Paper Stars too!

Clever paper folding stars

The paper folding continues, as Craft Ideas shows us how to make 3d traditional German Paper Stars. These make wonderful Christmas ornaments to hang in your windows or Christmas tree!

Paper Star Boxes to make

Now if youd o want some star templates, try these sweet and gorgeous Paper Star Gift Boxes via Fun Crafts Kids!

Paper star ornaments with buttons

More pretty paper star ornaments from Craft & Creativity

Recycled Magazine Stars

Use old magazines or paper left overs to make these cool paper stars by My Poppet (scroll down for a fabric version!).

Gorgeous book pages 5 pointed stars

5 Pointed Paper Stars via Fun Crafts Kids

Small little stars

Simple Paper Star Gift Wrap from Giochi Di Carta for Christmas!

Tradditional Tissue Paper Stars for the Window

Traditional Tissue Paper Window Stars from Rainy Day Mum

3d Paper Stars

More fantastic 3d Paper Stars from Germany! Visit Gathering Beauty for instructions!

Accordion Fold Paper Stars

Pleated Paper Stars over on Martha Steward or from Extreme Paper Crafting! Love the use of the gold paper to really add some sparkle!

Mini Paper Star Book Ornaments

Paper Star Books via Kwerner Design and Cards and Company shows us how to make this second version of the Paper Star Book Ornament.

Cereal Box Stars

I love these upcycled cereal box cardboard stars from Grey Luster Girl too!

MORE Origam Star Patterns

Go bright and colourful with another fantastic Origami Star Pattern this time by Hugo & Mathilda.

Easy Star Ornaments & Decorations

Though MANY of the paper stars shared above, of course, work really well as Star Ornaments, we have some more star ornaments to make from other materials too!

DIY Star ornaments for Christmas Trees

As mentioned perviously.. the sections I have ordered these crafts into are “fluid” – i.e. a number of the paper star crafts shared above, would work really well in this Star Ornaments section too. Similarly, some of these Star Ornaments would make great preschooler crafts as well. But order I must!! And Handmade Ornaments Ideas is something we love here on Red Ted Art!

popsicle stick stars
Popsicle sticks make great stars!

Well.. let’s start off with some popsicle stick star ornaments! They are easy to make and look great. We have even have a whole set of them… for you to check out:

Which will you have a go at?!

Cute little star to sew

Felt Star Ornaments

Button Star Ornaments – use cookie cutters, felt and buttons to help teach kids to sew! My daughter loved making these and they made great gifts to Granny and Mom (yes, me!).

These make a great star garland!

Felt Stars Advent Calendar Pockets

Similary, use your largest cookie cutter, to trace and cut stars and make some gorgeous Felt Stars are part of our Advent Calendar Ideas!

Recycled Newspaper Straw Stars

Learn how to make simple newspaper straws and then turn them into these shabby chic newspaper stars! A great low cost eco friendly classroom activity!

Yarn-Wrapped Star Ornaments

Colourful Yarn Wrapped Stars – yarn wrapping is great for fine motor skills and you can have lots of fun exploring and mixing colours and using different coloured cardstock.


Traditional Straw Stars from Austria

Learn how to make these Traditional Straw Stars from Austria today!

Sweet Treat Stars to hang in your tree

Stained Glass Star Cookies look amazing and the kids will love them!

Combine craft stick stars with tissue paper

Or how about some gorgeous Craft Stick Stars?

Cinnamon Salt Dough Stars

Apple Cinnamon Salt Dough over on Fun Crafts Kids! I bet these smell amazing!

Cinnamon Stars

Or how about some lovely Cinnamon Stars by Mom4Real. You could easily make these from colorful pipe cleaners too! But love the natural look of the cinnamon sticks!

Twig Stars

U Create Crafts shows us how to make these Twiggy Star Ornaments. So pretty!

Fabric Scrap Stars

Paper Box Quilt Co shows us how to make stars out of fabric scraps!

Star Crafts for Preschoolers

Now it is time for the little ones among us – our toddlers and preschoolers.. let’s take a look what we have for you in this section!

Star Crafts & Activities for Preschoolers
So many great Star Crafts for Preschoolers

Similarly, if we have a special ornaments section, we simply have to have an area dedicated to Preschooler Crafts. Young children LOVE arts and crafts, they gain so much from participating in craft projects (from fine motor skills, to colour and shape learning, to simply having fun) and yet, their ability limits a little what they can do. Which is why, it is good to get JUST THE RIGHT crafts for them. I hope you like these Preschooler Star Crafts & Ideas!

Stars make great Christmas cards

Santa Star Cards for Toddlers

Paper Plate Star Twirler for Preschoolers

Easy Salt Dough Stars, should be a Christmas Classic for Preschoolers.

Such a classic Christmas Gift for Kids to make!

We do love clay Candle Holders! The star shaped ones are so cute! We love the addition of some colorful glitter to make these little candle holders pop. They make great gifts at Christmas time too!

Recycled Star Shaped Crayons – who doesn’t love a good upcycle! Note – we have had best results by using good qualty wax crayons only. Don’y mix in some poor quality ones…

Pretty colorful stars that promote fine motor skills

Practice Fine Motorskills with Pony Bead Stars – such a simple craft to keep kids busy! They make great ornaments or stick them to Greeting Cards. As the kids get older, they can start making pretty patterns too. Just hang on a ribbon and you are done!

Make magical wands

Star Bubble Wands for New Years – we espcially love these magical wands, as they take away from the noise and chaos of fireworks and give you a nice gentle alternative for toddlers!

Giant Star

Giant Puffy Stars by Art Bar. A gorgeos art project for sure!

Tin Foil Stars

Foil Art Stars by Exploring More (they used a hot glue gun for the lines, but you can wrap some yarn instead too, making it a little more eco friendly). This would a make lovely Christmas Star for the top of the tree!

New Year's Eve ideas for young kids

Gorgeous Play Dough Stars and galaxy with Buggy and Buddy! Homemade playdough is always LOTS of fun to work with. And all the glitter, sprinkles and sequins make it extra magical!

Simple Star Cards

Shine Star Cards by Sand in My Toes (this website is no longer available.. but I share simple instructions). A nice simple craft that young children will enjoy. Simply get your card stock, fold it in half. Paint the front with with paint brushes or cotton wool. Once dry, glue on some paper stars! Done. You have made an adorable Star Card!

Easy Star Suncatchers from Crafts On Sea. I particularly love the contrast of the yellow tissue paper against the black paper!

Pasta Star Ornaments

Pasta Shell Stars from Educators Spin on It. Who doesn’t love to work with pasta at Christmas! These would look great using colourful paints too.

Star shaped drums

No Time for Flashcards shows us how to make star drums with her preschoolers.

Simple Star Lanterns

Easy Jam Jar Lights by Hodge Podge Crafts. How sweet are these jam jar lanterns? Your little one will love using a star shaped hole punch to make these!

Santa Stars & Other Creative Star Ideas

Finally, a little extra “just for fun section.. where you turn your Star Shape into something new and fun.

Fox Star Cookies via Fun Crafts Kids

Easy Salt Dough Recipe for Santa Ornament Making

Santa Star Ornaments made from Salt Dough are so fun and easy!

Or similarly.. how about some simple Santa Star Cookies?!

More Star Related ideas from Red Ted Art:

Learn about the Constellations with this Constellations Printable Luminary.

I do hope you have been inspired by all the fablous DIY Star ideas shared here.

Find more wonderful Christmas Crafts for Kids here:

DIY Star Craft Ideas for all seasons
Wonderful Star Crafts for All Occassions