Easy Owl Origami Bookmark Design

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Many moons ago our Corner Bookmark Design obession started with the simple and oh so popular Monster Corner Bookmark. At the time, I photographed the Monster Bookmark Corner with an Owl Bookmark.. but never actually provided separate instructions for the paper owl… I thought it was time, that I dedicated at whole post to just the lovely owl!!!!! Yay. So finally.. today we make an Easy Origami Bookmark Owl Design – based on the classic square Origami Bookmark that we now know so well. This is a perfect addition to our collection of Fall Corner Bookmark Designs – including some great Halloween Bookmark Corners! I do hope that you agree with me!

These Paper Owl Bookmarks are perfect for all DIY Owl Craft lovers!

Easy Owl Origami Bookmarks - learn how to make origami bookmark owls. Adorable Paper Owl Bookmarks based on the traditional easy Origami Bookmark Corner pattern! #owls #bookmarks #cornerbookmarks #origami
Tutorial first shared in Aug 2018 – Owl Bookmarks made in 2015!

Owl Corner Bookmark  – Materials

  • A piece of square paper in the desired colours (we cut down A4 into 2 squares of approximately 15 x 15cm – but any size is fine!)
  • Some scraps of contrasting coloured paper and white paper
  • Black pen for the origami bookmark owl’s eyes
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

Step by Step directions are now available in a handy printable worksheet for working in groups! Head over to Teachers Pay Teachers to get your copy today!

How make an Origami Bookmark Owl Design

How to Make an Owl Bookmark Video is down below! You may enjoy this basic corner bookmark video shows you the shape with embellishments instructions below!!

First glue your beak into the centre of the corner bookmark.

Then glue down the eyes in layers.

Finally glue the paper owl’s wings in place.

If you wish you can add details in black or coloured pens – such as little chevrons for the wings.

Your adorable Bookmark Owls are finished!!!


Your Origami Bookmark Owl Design is now FINISHED! Now wasn’t that easy?! These are a perfect addition to our Owl Craft Collection!

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