Upcycle Holiday Cards Bookmark DIY

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Today’s little craft barely feels like a craft. But just like a good idea (if I say so myself.. teehee) – make an Upcycled Holiday Cards Bookmark DIY!!

Yes, it is super simple to turn your favourite Christmas Cards into a creative Bookmark to use in the New Year (or all year round.. or gift with books next year..).

Upcycled Holiday Cards to Bookmark DIY

To make your holiday card bookmarks you will need:

  • Some holiday cards!! Any
  • Scissors
  • OPTIONAL: wool/ yarn, beads, ribbons

THOUGH: I do like picking ones with “winter themes” to make them relevant for January and February. I do keep some really Christmassy ones too, but I hold those back and put them in my Christmas Book Box to enjoy next year!

What to do

What I love about these simple Upcycled Holiday Card bookmarks, is that you can make them as simple or complicated as you like.

Either simply cut out your favourite feature – as I did with the penguin above. OR, use a hole punch to make a little hole and attache a tassle or pom pom.

Making tassels is SUPER quick and easy:

how to make a simple tassle
All you need is your hands and some wool to make a tassel

Or use the remainder of the Christmas Card to make some DIY Pom Pom making discs.. then make pom poms to go with your bookmark:

How to make a pom pom with cardboard
Making pom poms with cardboard discs is easy

Or you can add ribbons and beads, like we did here:

Som eribbons and beads look great too!

But to be honest.. I was in a rush… we were going on away just after Christmas. I had my stash of books and I wanted a pretty bookmark to take away with me.. so I literally just cut out these adorable little penguins!!! Aren’t they cute.

Upcycled Holiday Cards to Bookmark DIY

Now wouldn’t it be fun to make a WHOLE stash of these and leave them hidden in books in the library?

What I also love about these upcycled holiday card bookmarks, is that as you use them (if you remember correctly), it does remind you of the friend or family that sent you the card in this first place.

This penguin was sent to my daughter by her classmade Jack! So there you go. Rather sweet!

I also have a FABULOUS Santa one (must grab a photo of it and add it here) which reminds me of Sue and Ian (you know who you are..).

Happy recycling!

Other uses for upcycled Christmas Cards:

  • Make your own pom pom cardboard discs (as mentioned above)
  • Use the card to make Friendship Bracelet Discs
  • Cut out squares or circles and use them as simple coasters (I have one in my office and one on my bedside table like this)
  • Cut the picture up and make simple puzzles
  • Keep the Holiday Cards and use them as Gift Tags the following Christmas

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