Easy Pine Cone Bunny Craft for Preschoolers

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We haven’t had a cute Bunny Craffor a while!! And with Easter rapidly approaching, Pip Squeak and I thought this easy Pine Cone Bunny Craft would be just the thing!

They are inspired by our “Snowy Owl Pinecones” and are a super lovely TACTILE craft to make as an Easter Preschool Project!

Pine Cone Bunny Craft

Pinecone Bunnies – Materials needed:

  • One Pinecone
  • Small twigs or toothpicks or card
  • a little felt (or paper)
  • googly eyes (or paper)
  • Cotton Wool or normal white yarn or shredded paper
  • Glue

How to make a Pine Cone Bunny with Cotton Wool:

Watch our handy how to video or follow the step by step instructions below!

As mentioned above, these Pine Cone Bunnies are based on the Cotton Wool Pine Cone Owls we made a few years ago. And start off in exactly the same way:

Cotton wool Pine Cone Craft

Fluff up your cotton wool and pull it apart, so you have smaller pieces.

Then start poking it into your pine cone.

Pinecone bunny features

Cover as much as you can. When you have enough, cut out your Bunny’s features, you will need:

  • Eyes (googley eyes are great, but you can draw eyes on paper too)
  • A nose – we made a little pink heart nose for one of our bunnies
  • Ears – you can make them just white or add pink centres. You can make these from felt or paper
  • Whiskers – we used little twigs for these, but you could make paper ones or pipe cleaner ones
pine cone bunny craft

Once you have all your pieces, add lots of glue to the back and secure in place. DONE! That is how easy it is to make your little pine cone bunny craft for Preschoolers.

Pinecone rabbits

We really love this craft as it is super tactile – the contrast between the soft cotton wool and the prickly pine cone makes this a sensory craft too!

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