Pine Cone Crafts – Snowy Owls

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Soooo you know that we adore pine cone crafts, right? And that we have rather a thing about OWLS? Well…. we have made pine cone owls before (which look lovely as little Christmas Tree Decorations). Now Pip Squeak has started school (she is in Reception), her teacher asked if I could come in and craft again with the kids (I used to do it with Red Ted, when he was in Reception).

Owl Babies Book and Craft. Super easy and wonderful Snowy Owl Pinecone Craft. This is a wonderfully textured craft for preschoolers and toddlers. The contrast between the cotton the wool and the pine cones make this a great sensory activity. #snowyowls #owls #pinecones #owlbabies

As it is Autumn and “pine cone” season here in the UK, I thought Pine Cone Owls would be perfect. I did however want to adapt the craft to make it easier to make them in the class room environment – I had seen these ADORABLE snow owls a while back and thought that they would be perfect for Pip Squeak and her class mates (all 4-5yrs old). I talked to her teacher before hand and we decided to combine the craft with a simple fun filled morning all to do with owls and a wonderful book about Sarah, Bill and Percy – the Snow Owls that miss their Mum! We also talked about basic shapes (triangles and circles) and Pip Squeak’s teacher set up some activity tables for the children to practice their word writing and cutting out characters and creating Owl Baby collages.

Owl Babies by Martin Waddell – UK Readers click here for info and US readers click her for info (affiliate links added for you convenience)

NOTE: These lovely Pinecone Owls where first published in Oct 2014. To celebrate the 20th anniversary and the release of the Owl Babies board book, we have republished them for you today.


These lovely Pine Cone owls, are also included as Ornaments that preschoolers can make in our easy to download and print out Christmas Ornament Book. Each craft is shared on one page – making the perfect worksheet print outs. Lovely to have them all in one place too!

Only $7.99

To Make your Pine Cone Owl Babies you will need:

  • One pine cone per child (we had 31 one!)
  • Some cotton wool (we used about 1.5 “normal sized” bags from Boots!)
  • Some felt in various colours (for eyes and beaks)
  • Googly eyes
  • a little glue at the very end

To Make your Pine Cone Owl Babies:

1) We began the “session” by reading the Owl Babies by Martin Waddell – UK Readers click here for info and US readers click her for info (affiliate links added for your convenience).

2) We then talked about shapes. What shapes they could find in the owl babies pictures – in particularly focusing on circles and triangles.

Pinecone owls baby

3) Then we sat down to get crafty. I encouraged the children to feel the prickly pine cones and the soft soft cotton wool. Wonderful contrasting for the senses… Then begin by “tearing” the cotton wool apart to make it smaller and stuff the pieces into the pine cones. No glue needed in this part of making your pine cone owl!

Snow Owls Pine cone crafts

4)Once your owl is “sufficiently stuffed” – make sure there are no loose bits hanging out. Cut circle and and triangles for the children – if they are able and there is enough time, encourage the children to cut these themselves. Use a little white glue to stick these on.

Once the felt and beak are in place, add googly eyes.

pinecone owls for preschoolers

5) Place all in one place.. and admire your flock of pine cone Snowy Owls.. say aaaaaaahh.

Snowy Owl Craft & Book

And here is Pip Squeak with her Snow Owl (this is the big sister, Mummy!).

The teacher printed out some activities sheets to practice copying out some words and practice their cutting skills to create collages.

They also had an activity table, where they cut out the characters and got to stick them onto a woody background, perfect for creating a story board collage and practicing their cutting skills.

Snow Owl PineCone Craft for Kids

When we got home, we made some more with Red Ted!

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