Easy Red Ted Bookmark Printable

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Some of you may have noticed a little character arrive quietly on the blog.. he has been sneaking into my Instagram photos, popping up on profile pictures and waving at us from little free libraries. Yes, Ted is here!

It really was only a matter of time for him to make his appearance. I am so pleased to finally have little Ted on board, with his calm and shy smile.. egging us on to get crafty!  To welcome our new little bear mascot, I have a series of crafts planned and share with you the first today: simple Ted Bookmarks (complete with printables). Love the little DIY tassle attached to the end. DIY Bookmarks really are one of my favourite Paper Crafts!

Teddy Bear Bookmarks with colourful tassel
First shared in April 2019

And here is our little free library again:

free library

Can you spot Ted on the side of our Free Library?

Red Ted Bookmarks Materials:

Teddy Bookmark Printable and materials

How to make your Red Ted Bookmark

These darling little bookmarks really are super easy to make!

Folding paper to make a double sided teddy bear bookmark

Print off your printable.

Fold along the dashed line.

Gluing paper to make a double sided bookmark

Open up the paper and add glue to the back of your little teddy – be sure to reach into all the corners of Ted – the ears and brush etc…

Fold your paper back together and glue the two sides together. By gluing the two halves together, you get a MUCH strong bookmark and of course the opportunity to also add the Red Ted Art logo!

Cutting out Red Ted Teddy bears

Cut out your little Arty Ted – if you want you can add a little “white bit” at the top of the head for the hole punch later. I did this with the laminator. It is a question of preference.

Laminate and cut out again.

Hole punch.

Hop over to our Easy DIY Tassel tutorial and make a set of tassels in Red Ted Art colours: red, orange/yellow and light blue. Tie on and done!

Collection of red ted teddy bear bookmarks with homemade tassel


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