Easy Santa Treats to Gift

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We are great fan of giving “consumables” for Christmas. It helps avoid the Christmas toot that often ends up in landfill but can still be incredibly CUTE and fun to give. So one way is to make cute Christmas Chocolate Gift for Christmas. We have made Santa Sleighs before (in fact, I make Chocolate Santa Sleighs every year for my kids), but this year, I also added someof these easy Santa Treats as gifts (or are the Chocolate Santa Sack candy gifts?! Not sure what else to call them ha!). As I had some Candy Canes left over from the sleighs and the kids had some friends round for Christmas Movie Night.

Easy Santa Treats

As you can imagine they are super duper quick and easy to make and would make great Santa Party Favours at any Christmas Party too. Or you could make either the Chocolate Santa Sleigh or these Santa Candy Bags as a lovely Secret Santa gift too! Who doesn’t love chocolates, candy and treats?!

easy santa sleigh chocolate

This is what the Santa Sleighs look like! Aren’t they fun? A great annual tradition for us now!

So if you have bits and pieces left over from your sleigh making session, you can use them up in these Santa Sack Party favours!

Supplies needed to make these fabulously easy Santa Treat Gifts:

santa party favours

As mentioned, we had some candy canes left over as well as some candy and small chocolates from our fillable advent calendar. So we decided to use these up:

  • Candy and small chocolates
  • A chocolate santa
  • one candy candy cane
  • Brown tissue paper or a similar santa sack colour – red or green would work well too. Ours is in fact recycled from a gift. Red Felt or similar could work too, or some Christmas Fat Quarters.. but I like to “waste not, want not”, so the tissue paper works best from an environmental perspective!
  • Some baker’s twine
  • Hot glue or sello tape

You can of course fill your Santa Sacks with whatever you have to hand. Homemade Christmas Cookies would be amazing too and would truly make a unique gift during the holidays. Or go savoury and add pretzels and other snacks. Such sweet treats to make and gift. The perfect small gift at a Christmas Party (could even be made at work and given to employees, don’t you think??). I am sure any secret santa recipient would love these too. Fun holiday gift for sure!

How to make your easy Santa Treats Gift Bags:

santa sack candy

Cut your tissue paper to size – I used to medium sized squares of tissue paper, layed over each other at right angles per Santa Sack.

Place your candy, small chocolates or small gifts in the middle.

Bunch up and knot with ribbons or bakers twine.

Chocolate Santa Candy Gift

Your Santa Sack is made.

Now heat up your hot glue gun and get your Santa and Candy Cane ready.

Add a little hot glue to the back of your candy cane and secure to your chocolate Santa.

Chocolate Santa gift idea

I got a little orduction line of Santas going – perfect if you are making more than one of these sweet treats for family, friends or co-workers!

Once the candy cane is secured to the santa, add some glue to the back of your santa and glue it to your tissue paper santa sack. You can of course “play around” with the positioning of your santa – the sack can go at the front or the side – but it all depends on the size of your chocolate Santa and shape. Just see what looks best for the supplies you have!

Easy Santa Treats

These will be little gifts for the kids at our Christmas Movie Night, but of course you can give these throughout the holiday season – be it at a school Christmas Party, a party with coworkers or employees or as place settings at a family Christmas lunch! They make the perfect festive treat bags.

Chocolate Christmas Gift Santa

What I really love how about this little Christmas DIY, is that there are plenty of opportunities to personalise this perfect gift. You can make it a big chocolate gift or a small gift, by choosing different sized santas and making the Santa Sacks in different sizes. You can fill it with whatever you want – chocolates you have left over from other makes and DIYs (in our case the Santa Sleighs and fillable DIY advent calendar) or fill it with homemade cookies or even things like hot chocolate sachets or even bath bombs or maybe a small holiday candle?! Simply pack it with fun seasonal goodies. They are much fun to give and receive! Certainly more fun that “boring” boxes of chocolate hastily purchased for colleagure secret santa gift exchanges, but quick and easy to make.