Easy Egg Carton Turkey Art Project – Fun Thanksgiving craft for kids

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It really was only a matter of time before I made this little Thankful Turkey Craft for kids! Many of you will familiar with our (germanic) Egg Carton Chickens – which always tickle me when I see them, but for some reason we only EVER make them at Easter. Ha. Well, I guess it is GOOD to have seasonal crafts, so as to shake things up a little. And as it turns out it make s a fabulous little Egg Carton Turkey Craft!

From Egg Carton to Thankful Turkey a super duper cute upcycled project, getting the kids think about what they are thankful for
First shared in Nov 2015

It has been on my to do list like forever, but as we live in the UK, other things (and themes and ideas) always seem to take priority.

SO finally.. here we go.. I present you with out Egg Carton Thankful Turkey Craft Treat Box – hahahaha yes, that is  a bit of a mouthful and ticks so many boxes:

  • It is a recycled turkey craft (hooray)
  • It is a thankful turkey crafts (the kids get to think about what they are thankful for as they make it)
  • It is a turkey craft (full stop)
  • AND you can use it as a little turkey treat box..
  • AND you can use it as a little turkey treat box place setting..


I do love a versatile craft! If you are after MORE Turkey Crafts I have plenty more!!

How do you make a turkey out of an egg carton?

There are three main ways that people like to make a turket out of an egg carton. Our Egg Carton Turkey is the most unique way and that hasn’t been made very often. It creates a little treat holder making it perfect as a little table decoration at thanksgiving. It also allows you to turn into a thankful turke activity by writing on the turkey’s feathers.

The other options are using the “cup” part of the egg carton and turning it into a turkey.. a bit like these lovely little turkey crafts from Loganberry Handmade!

egg carton crafts

To make your Egg Carton Turkey Craft you will need:

  • An egg carton (preferably a cardboard one)
  • Coloured paper (or feathers* or tissue paper)
  • Googly eyes** – or paper eyes
  • Glue & Scissors
  • Candy corn (optional)

*though I LOVE feathers, do think about the environmental impact of any craft feathers you purchases – are they made made – ie plastics? Are they natural? Do you really need them…. would paper and tissue paper be better?

** you may wish to cut paper eyes – they are cheaper (aka almost free!) to make and also better for the environment. I used to love love love googly eyes, but have started to wonder if using them excessively in kids’ crafts is a good thing!

How to make an Egg Carton Turkey Table Decoration Video Tutorial

You can watch our quick and easy video tutorial on auto play or follow the step by step instructions below!

How to Make an Egg Carton Turkey:

The turkey shape is the corner part of your egg carton – the first point bit being the turkey’s head and neck. It can be tricky to cut this out, so you may wish to do this for your little one!

Once you have cut the basic egg carton turkey shape out, you can trim the edges if you wish.

OPTIONAL: you can paint your egg carton brown, if you wish to make this a more extended turkey art project for kids!

Cut out a little beak and wattle for your egg carton turkey. The beak is a triangle, cut out of a piece of folded paper – so that it opens up a little like a flap.

Glue these and the google eyes onto your egg carton.

Draw some simple leaf shapes.

Either cut out individually (this would be great cutting practice for younger children), or

..layer your coloured paper and cut out all the colours in one go. We did 5 coloured turkey feathers from paper.

Help your child write “Thankful” messages on the turkey paper feathers.

Glue the feathers into place.

Once they have fully dried, you can add your Thanksgiving treats! Or use these little thankful turkeys as table decorations or even name place settings.

What crafts can you do with an egg carton?

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How to make a paper plate turkey?

We love Paper Plate crafts and also have a great paper plate turkey craft for you here:

squish painting turkey craft

What other Thanksgiving Crafts can I make for kids?

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