Kids Crafts: Egg Carton Chicken Egg Cups

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Hello! Welcome back to another Easter Craft ideas for you – these adorable Egg Carton Chicken which double up fabulously as egg cups too! Super simple, super cute. Takes minutes to make.

But actually, these are not just for Easter, I think they definitely fall into the Spring Craft category too! It is a great Easter Craft for Preschool too.

Egg Cup Rooster - quick craft
Egg Cup Roosters, perfect for the Easter Breakfast!
These were first published in March 2013!!

I made one, showed it to the kids and Pip Squeak decided to have a go, whilst Red Ted, just wanted to have mine. We have that a lot lately – I think school is making him tired and he just wants to watch and relax. Fair enough!

Egg Carton Chicken – Materials

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  • an egg carton that has those “peaks in the middle”,
  • one carton will make 2 chickens, felt (or craft foam),
  • googly eyes (stock up here: US/ UK)
  • PVA glue (we LOVE this glue: US/ UK)
  • feathers optional (also available here US/ UK)

Watch the Egg Carton Chook VIDEO How To or see the step by step photos below!

We love a video to tutorial! But also appreciate that some of you prefer the step by step directions!

Egg Carton Chicken – Step By Step Photo How To

Egg Carton Chickens - Egg Carton Hens

1) Cut out your egg carton – I have shared a video below, that shows REALLY well how to cut out the carton to be left with the “right part” for your chicken.

2) Cut out your chicken’s beak and comb etc. You may want to shape your comb a little to fit the shape of the head. This will make glueing easier. We didn’t and just squished it on.

Egg Carton Hens - Egg Cups

3) Glue on.

Hen Egg Cups

4) Pip Squeak decided hers needed feathers too! Love how she makes this craft “her own”. So she added lots of glue around the back for feathers.

Egg Carton Hens for Easter

5) Let dry and done! Decorate the breakfast table or your Easter table.

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