Fun DIY Party Poppers and Blowers for Kids

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As the party season heads our way, we have some fabulous party crafts for you – more specifically DIY Party Poppers and DIY Party Blowers!! So fun. And yes, so easy. And with a little bit of thought and tweaking, these are super eco friendly crafts too and inexpensive to make!

DIY Confetti Party Poppers

As mentioned the popper and blower crafts shared here today are a perfect craft for New Year’s Eve and a New Year’s Eve party with kids! But are also suitable for other party celebrations – including any festivities that include fireworks, such a bonfire night and Diwali!

How do you make a Homemade Party Popper?

We have a few different types of homemade party poppers for you today! They are all super easy and use every day materials such as paper cups and cardboard tubes or toilet paper rolls!

What do party poppers contain?

Usually a party popper will contain lots of paper confetti!! That is what makes it fun to celebrate with. However you can also add cracker snaps to add some noise (but these aren’t essential) and we also like to fill our party poppers with pom poms – which the kids can pick up and shoot again! That also keeps them busier a little longer. Teehee!

Let’s get making!

DIY Party Popper Confetti and pom pom crafts for kids from upcycled materials

How do you make a Balloon Popper? How do you make a party popper with a cup?

The answer to both is here (or watch the video on auto play!):

Confetti party poppers

How to make a DIY Confetti Party Popper from old paper cups or cardboard tubes. Here is an olden goldie that the kids and I made many moons ago.. the paper cup party popper. I recycled some old coffee cups my dad came home with.. and love the simplicity of the brown cup and the bright (slightly eco friendlier non latex) balloon. However, you can make these from toilet paper roles or other cardboard tubes and embelish them to your hearts content. A great way to help toddlers and preschoolers join in with any party celebrations.. be it a New Year’s Eve party, a birthday party, Fourth of July or any other celebration. We popped pom poms in ours, so the kids can pick them all up again and start over. But using confetti is super fun too!

celebration party poppers

Here is an example by Bloesom Kids of a “fancier” popper, using some cool gold paper and more vibrant colours. But as mentione,d they really are essentially the same craft as the ppaer cup version. Work with what you have at home!

push party popper

If you are looking to avoid using a balloon for your party popper (which is an admiral thing to do!!! Much better for the environment). Try these push party poppers from Imagine Make Believe. So fun.

More DIY Confetti Poppers – Crackers and Pinatas

Christmas party Popper

Over from the UK we have this long standing tradition of making “Christmas Crackers“. It is a super easy craft and so fun to decorate for… and they have made it across the pond to you my lovely readers in the United States as “Party Poppers”. The key is to add a specially “cracking” strip inside. But do read our Christmas Cracker How To for more info!

TP Roll Pinata Frida Kahlo style for Cinco the Mayo

Another humble toilet paper roll craft, are these wonderful confetti pinatas – the perfect confetti party poppers for kids. Super easy to make from recycled tissue paper and so colourful. This set we made as Frida Kahlo confetti poppers, but of course you can decorate them for New Year’s Eve, Diwali or Bonfire night too – just switch out the colours of the tissue paper!

confetti poppers

Similarly try these confetti poppers from Alpha Mom. Don’t they look great?!

How to make DIY Party Blowers with kids

party blowers

Next we have some super fun DIY Blowers. How great do these look? Keep to papers and tissue paper and you have yourself a cheerful eco friendly party craft! Hop over to A joyful riot for info!

How do you make a party popper with paper?

Well.. here is a great idea for you:

Confetti blower

A Joyful Riot also has these fabulous Confetti blower cones. Aren’t they great?

Diy party blowers

The Hybrid Chick has awesome paper blowers – replace the plastic straw with a pretty paper one and this is yet another fun eco friendly crafts for kids to make this party season!

Paper party horns

Finally, check out these cute paper party horns from a Little Pinch of Perfection!

New Year’s Eve Countdown activities:

We love party planning with New Year’s Eve and have a fantastic (free) Countdown Clock for you. Each hour, move your clock along until you hit new year. You can adjust it to count down every half and hour or even 10 minutes if you wish.. until bedtime 😉 in each segment of the clock write an activity for the kids to complete. Here is our inspiration..

Countdown activities for kids

New Year’s Eve Party Crafts and Decorations

Looking fore more crafts in prepartion to your party – take a peak at these New Year’s Eve Crafts!

new year's eve crafts
Diy party poppers & blowers