World Book Day – Easy Costume Ideas

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Aaah World Book Day is just around the corner… normally I like to bury my head in the sand for World Book Day.. yes I am a crafty so and so.. but over time, I have learnt that I can make kids costumes and they simply WILL NOT WEAR them. There is usually a hastily World Book Day Costume thrown together the night before.. that the kids will vaguely agree too. Mine just don’t like dressing up too much. So we have to keep it really simple for them, to still make World Book Day fun! Needless to say, making some lovely Corner Bookmark Designs would also be a great activity for World Book Day!

For us, that usually means a set of black clothes (I actually have a long sleever black t-shirt as a stock item now to decorate) – a mask or a hat or some “stuff” stuck on with tape…. sorted. Anyway, love it or hate it, World Book Day is coming.. and you may well need some Easy Costume Ideas for World Book Day to keep you sane. We have a range of ideas for you here today.. my favourites are actually the “cheat” costume ideas towards the end of this post (no photos I am afraid, but great ideas to help you survide World Book Day!).

Easy Costume Ideas for World Book Day:

Let’s begin with some of our favourite makes over the years here on Red Ted Art.. as mentioned… hats do great things for us.. as it means you can “join in” without “joining in”.. hahahaha. Here we go..

More fabulous World Book Day Costumes coming up. We adore Blue Bear Wood’s work.. but they are a little more labour intensive (but OH SO GOOD). The Peter Rabbit top is genius.. so simple so fun!

Other Book Ideas for World Book Day that require little “extra stuff”:

Here is the section you have all been waiting for.. how to join in with World Book Day Dress Up day.. without actually dressing up (too much).. our best ideas (for now.. we will be adding more over time)!!

  • Horrid Henry – one year my son went as horrid henry. We found him some jeans, a blue  t-shirt and taped a yellow strip of paper around the middle and arms. You can “upgrade” and sew on some yellow fabric or felt if you have the time (or inclination) Easy peasy.
  • Harry and a Bucket Full of Dinosaurs – PERFECT for the reluctant dresser upper – wear your normal clothes.. get a bucket from the sand pit, fill with toy dinosaurs.
  • Three Little Pigs – make a simple Pig Mask (with template) you can even leave your paper plate “white” and just add a pink nose and ears to make it a super simple “the day before World Book Day” craft!
  • Pippi Longstockings is always a great one for girls with long hair…. Wear your favourite clothes + some odd socks (ideally stripey and long.. or you can wear two pairs of stripey tights (but only put one leg in each tights and knot the rest around your body). Then plait your child’s hair.. and if you are really keen – insert pipecleaners into the plait and hope that they bend up. Freckles with eyeliner always a winner too!
  • Pirates love underpants… have a pirate costume? Yes? Then add some pants over the top and you are all sorted. You do have to be a little bit brave to do this one though. I know my kids would never go for it!
  • Charlie and the chocolate factory.. got ANY clothes that vaguely match any of the above outfits?? Yes?!! Sorted. Print out a GOLDEN TICKET and a wonka bar wrapper and you are all sorted for the day. Here are some printables.

Need more ideas? Check out these AWESOME STEAM Activities for World Book Day!

Happy World Book Day to you!! And good luck with your World Book Day Costumes!!!