Felt Valentines Gnome Pattern

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The Valentines Gnome fun continues, with a cute and easy felt Valentines Day Gnome Pattern. The great thing about these little felt gnomes, is that you can make them as an easy sewing project for beginners… OR you can use a hot glue gun to assemble them! Easy peasy whatever method you choose!

DIY Felt Valentine’s Day Gnomes

valentines gnome with template

These felt gnomes, can also be made as Christmas Gnome Ornaments, as I have shared before. But I am sharing them here again, as sometimes it is nice to be reminded of the versatility of one craft and how easy it is to adapt it for another seasons or occassions!

I hope you enjoy this Free Felt Valentines Gnome craft project!

DIY Felt Valentines Gnome – Craft Supplies:

  • Felt fabric in desired colors – reds, pinks, blues and purples are nice!
  • Thread (regular sewing cotton but embroidery threads are nice too)
  • Needle & a pair of scissors
  • Ribbon or baker’s twine for hanging (if you wish, they make great pocket friends too)
  • Paper for printing the free felt Valentines gnome template
  • Stuffing (we recycled some yarn cut offs from my daughter’s prolific crochet work)
  • Optional: Embellishments (felt hearts)
  • Optional: Hot Glue Gun for additional hat pattern embellishments

This is currently a FREE Felt Gnome Pattern – simply add $0 at checkout. Though of course tips are ALWAYS appreciated and very welcomed to keep this site up and running!

How to make a Felt Gnome for Valentine’s Day

We used a simple running stitch throughout, making this a great sewing project for beginners. Learn all about the basic hand stitches here. As mentioned – you can make these adorable little felt gnomes using a hot glue gun too! So work in a way that suits you best. There is no “right” or “wrong” way!

felt gnome pattern easy
A piece of faux fur would be adorable as the beard too!

Cut out Gnome Shapes (FRONT ONLY)

Use your free felt Valentines gnome template. Begin by cutting out the FRONT of your gnome first – it is best to cut the back of the gnome later, so you can make sure the shapes all fit perfectly together. So you will need to cut the following pattern pieces:

  • Gnome’s Hat
  • Gnome Body
  • Gnome Beard
  • Gnome Nose

Optional: Felt embellishments, such as hearts in different sizes. You can go “off pattern” too and cut two extra circles for gnome hands, and get them to “hold” a felt heart! Too cute.

pin nose and beard in place
A pom pom would make an adorable gnome nose too!

Pin the shapes in place

It is worth pinning your shapes in place, so they align nicely.

NOTE: I decided to hot glue my gnome hat embellishments (hearts etc).. but you can start this craft, by sewing these in place frist!

sew gnome nose and beard in place

Sew across the gnome hat brim – make sure to secure the nose and beard too.

NOTE: I decided to sew down the whole of the gnome’s nose, so you may want to do this at this stage, though my photo step by step instructions do not show this!

trim back of gnome to fit

Align Front & Back Of Gnome and TRIM

Place the front of your gnome onto the felt for the back and cut out. Or, if you have cut it already, trim to fit. Not cut too closely, as when you sew, the felt unaligns a little… so it is safest to keep an edge.

align front of gnome with back

Sew all around the edge

Now continue to sew down the side of the gnome’s body and all along the edge. Be sure to lift the gnome’s beard as you go round. I think it is nice for the beard to remain “loose”.

sew round the gnome hat and sew in the hanging ribbon
Make a tight knot at the end of the ribbon

Add a ribbon to the top of the hat

When you get to the top of the hat, be sure to add a knotted ribbon or baker’s twine for hanging. I actually put two stitches through the ribbon to help secure it.

stuff felt gnome with recycled materials

Add stuffing

Sew down the side of the felt gnome hat and add stuffing. We recycle old yarn from crochet projects, as well as old pillow stuffing.

sew shut and sew down gnome nose

Sew Shut

Now carefully sew your gnome shut!

NOTE: As mentioned, I decided to sew down the gnome nose after all.. so did this before sewing the felt gnome diy ornament shut!

Hot glue Valentine’s embellishments to the gnome hat

As mentioned you can of course vary the hat patterns at the very beginning.. and sew on any hat embellishments.. or you can “play” with the hat decorations now at the end, and simply hot glue gun them on!

felt valentines gnome pdf

Your Felt Valentines Gnome DIY is finished! Enjoy!!

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