Cute Crochet Monkey Free Pattern

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Let’s make an amigurumi monkey! Check out this ridiculously adorable and cute crochet monkey pattern by Craft Alotl. Another wonderful free crochet pattern.. also available as a Crochet PDF pattern.

Free Amigurumi Monkey Pattern

crochet monkey pattern free

This crochet monkey pattern is a great pattern for beginners as it uses basic crochet stitches and nothing too fancy or difficult! However, you do need to master a magic circle (also known as magic ring) and we have a great magic ring video tutorial and free printable magic circle how to PDF for you to download. Once you have got the hang of these, they really are very easy!

cute crochet monkey pattern

Also – you need to feel confident to do a colour change in order to switch from the monkey body colour to the monkey face colour!

If you enjoy Craft Alotl’s work and want to show some support, you can get PDF versions of her patterns in her Ravelry store – a great way to get ad-free patterns that you print and store with your crochet yarns!

Supplies needed for crochet monkey:

cute monkey crochet pattern free
  • Yarn in your desired monkey colour (colour A) and a contrasting yarn for the monkey’s face (colour B)
  • Black embroidery thread or thinned out yarn for monkey face features
  • A corresponding crochet hook to go with your yarn thickness
  • Safety eyes in mm to correspond to your yarn weight (though you can embroider the eyes too, or glue on little black felt discs)
  • Yarn needle for a little sewing during assembly and monkey nose
  • Stuffing (we like to recycle old cushions)
  • Optional: these monkeys are SUPER cute if you add a little velcro or snap fasteners to their hands and feet – you then have the perfect clinging monkey that you can add anywhere!

MM Hook size really is important for crochet – if your hook is too large to compared to the yarn weight, it will result in loose crochet that doesn’t look very neat! So if in doubt, use a slightly smaller crochet hook.

As you can see this monkey crochet patterns works really well with different types of yarn weight. By using a thin cotton yarn, our monkey pattern becomes a cute little crochet baby monkey… buy using our thicker chenille yarn, we make a the bigger mummy monkey! As mentioned, just make sure the mm hook size matches your yarn weight to proceed! You will aso need different mm safety eyes depending on your yarn!

baby monkey crochet

Crochet Abbreviations used to make these cute amigurumi clinging monkey:

We used American crochet terminology throughout. Also, we have a fantastic set of beginner crochet videos that you can browse at your leisure. These include everything from how to hold your yarn, to magic circles and how to do a half double crochet etc.

  • CCA – color change to color A
  • CCB – color change to color B
  • MC – Magic Circle (also known as magic ring)
  • Ch – Chain
  • SC – Single Crochet
  • Inc – Increase
  • 3tog – crochet 3 stitches together
  • Dec – Decrease
  • HDC – Half Double Crochet
  • Rnd – round

Free Crochet Monkey Pattern Tutorial

easy crochet monkey pattern pdf

As this is a great crochet monkey for beginners, we designed the monkey with a flat face (son no tricky monkey snout/ muzzle to sew on) and have also decided to make this a “no tail monkey”.. though you can of course add one if you wish!

Make the monkey’s head

01: 6 sc into mc [6]

02: 6 inc [12]

03: (1 sc, inc) x6 [18]

04: 18 sc [18]

05: 6sc, CCB 2sc, CCA 1sc, CCB 3sc, CCA 6sc [18]

06: 6sc, CCB 7 sc, CCA 5 sc [18]

07: 6 sc, CCB 7 sc, CCA 5 sc [18]

08: 6 sc, CCB 7 sc, CCA 5 sc [18]

09: 7 sc, CCB 6 sc, CCA 5 sc [18]

Insert safety eyes between rnds 6&7.

10: (1 sc, dec) x6 [12]

stuff the head.

11: 6 dec [6]

Fasten off & close the hole.

Make the crochet monkey’s ears x 2

01: 5 sc into mc [5]

Fasten off, leaving long tail. Sew ears to the side of head in your prefered position.

Crochet Monkey Body Pattern

01: 6 sc [6]

02: 6 inc [12]

03: (1sc, inc) x6 [18]

04 – 05: 18 sc [18]

06: 7 sc, 3tog, 8sc [16]

07: 16 sc [16]

08: 7 sc, 3tog, 6 sc [14]

09: 14 sc [14]

10: (1 sc, dec) x4, 2 sc [10]

Stuff the body.

Fasten off and sew the monkey’s body to the bottom of the monkey’s head.

Monkey’s arms and legs x 4

01: Ch 27 [27]

02: Skip 1st 2 stitches, 25 hdc [25]

Fasten off, leaving long tail for sewing. Sew each arm either side of the monkey, directly below the head. Sew both the legs next to each other at the bottom of the body.

Monkey Face

Using black embroidery thread – embroider and nose/ mouth by sewing a straight stitch in between the eyes, with a vertical line coming down to form the mouth.

Optional Clinging Monkey

As mentioned, these monkeys are SUPER cute if you add a little velcro or snap fasteners to their hands and feet – you then have the perfect clinging monkey toy that you can add anywhere!

clinging monkey crochet pattern

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