Printable Paper Doll Party Outfit

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We have a new friend to add to our paper doll’s collection… our Paper Doll Party Outfit edition. She actually comes in “two versions” – as a regular party outfit doll, and a New Year’s Eve doll too! And the best bit? As before, she can mix and match her clothes with all our previous dolls.

New Year's Eve Party paper doll

Hooray, our dress up paper doll series continues! We have a fabuouls paper doll party outfit with two versions – one customised for New Year’s Eve and one as a more “generic” party outfit, so you can enjoy these new clothe designs all year round!!

This doll was once again designed by my wonderful intern Mia Stupples!

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Halloween Paper Dolls Printables! Have fun with some spooky outfits and mix and match your paper doll templates and download them today!

halloween paper dolls

3d Princess Paper Dolls

As an aside.. I also have as set of free printable paper dolls for princess or Disney fans. You can check this set out here. But they are a different “type” of paper doll (i.e. you can’t dress them up!), but you CAN turn them into adorbable little paper Disney ornaments! There are 7 to choose from PLUS two extra in black & white to color in yourself and customise! So fun.

paper princess dolls

Back to today’s Christmas Dress Up Paper Dolls printables.

To make these paper dolls – supplies needed:

  • printer paper – though light card stock would make them more durable and could even be combined with magnet dots
  • printer
  • your printable paper doll download
  • coloring pens
  • scissors
  • a little glue if attaching, say the head band!

This printable is available in Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s store (our get the discounted bundle in one go). It all adds up and is very much appreciated!

How to make a paper dress-up doll for New Year’s Eve

Get yourself zen time ready.

Clear the table.

Find your favourite pens or experiment with watercolors, like we did here.

Get a nice warm of hot chocolate… then print your Christmas Paper Dolls.. and get started with this cute free printable.

As mentinoed the outfits and accessories are designed to also fit our “Halloween Paper Doll” AND our Christmas Paper Doll, so you can mix and match the dolls, as well as the outfits with this cute printable craft.

I love how paper doll coloring pages, mean you can customise your paper dolls to suit your personality!

Be sure to experiment with different skin tones and hair colors too!

A great opportunity for some mindfulness colouring and to hone those fine motor skills!

And have fun with all the details and accessories on this free printable. Here we used coloring markers, but crayons and watercolor paints could be fun too?

As mentioned previously, by choosing different color schemes, you can easily turn a New Year’s Eve dress into an Party dress! You would think we had a whole set of different free printables, but all you need is the one fabulous paper dolls pdf set!

Once you have all your dolls colored in, it is time to carefully cut them out!

And now it is time to dress your doll and play! Headbands do need to be glued on though!

When my kids where younger, they were obsessed with dress up paper dolls.. and made so many of them. For some reason however, they made their dolls and then stashed them away in a folder! That is how they enjoyed them! Ha. But it definitely provided hours of fun and some mindful zen time!

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