Frida Kahlo Inspired Art Projects for Kids & How to Make Them


It has been a while since we did a “Exploring the Great Artist” post here on Red Ted Art. The kids and I have been “arty” behind the scenes, but we haven’t always had the time to write it up afterwards!

Last summer there was a fabulous Frida Kahlo Exhibition at the V&A in London and of course the kids and I had to go and see it. Afterwards Pip Squeak was inspired to have a go in out Sketchbooks at a Frida Kahlo Portrait (and yes, I WILL WRITE IT UP! Ha).

In the meantime, I wanted to share this amazing collection of Frida Kahlo Crafts, Art Projects and Activities for kids!

Collage of Frida Kahlo Art Projects for Kids, including self portraits, Caza Azul and flower headbands.

About Frida Kahlo – Biography for Kids

A quick summary about Frida, if you would like to do some more in depth reading, check out this great article about her.

Frida Kahlo is a Mexican painter who was born in 1907, in Coyoacán (Mexico). She grew up in the famous “Caza Azul” (blue house) with her parents adn 6 sisters! Drawing and art was always a passion of hers, even as a little girl.

When she was 6 yrs of age, she caught polio a disease that we can now vaccinate against. It is a terrible disease that leaves many with disablities. Frida suffered damage to her leg from it. Then when she was 18 she was involved in a terrible bus accident. Which meant she was bed bound for months. She suffered a lot of pain with both illnesses and it also meant that she couldn’t bear children. Both her physical pain and emotional pain feature a lot in her artwork, so it is important to know about it and understand a little of what she went through.

Frida was married to another well known artist  Diego Rivera. Frida’s work herself is influence by Mexican culture and folk art- using lots of bright colours. Frida is often described as a surrealist, though she didn’t like this term herself. She used a mixture or realism and symbols in her art. She is best known for own self-portrait projects!

Three Pieces of Frida Kahlo Art for Kids we love

The Frame – a great mixed media project to inspire children to create their own, read all about it here

Self Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Humming Birds – showing how she endures the pain and is stoic in life. Rich in symbolisms, read more about it here

Viva La Vida is thought to be Frida Kahlo’s last piece of art before she died (though there is some debate), either way, it shows her love for life, even through pain and hardship.

What are 3 things Frida Kahlo is known for?

  • How a major accident changed her life – including her inability to conceive
  • Her self-portraits – where she explores her pain and sadness
  • Her strong features that she never sought to change or hide

What are the main themes of Frida Kahlo’s art?

When developing a lesson plan for your classroom or children at home, it is worth considering the main themes of Frida Kahlo’s art. To keep it simple here main work as mentioned previously, comprised self-portraits that deal with such themes as identy, the human body and death. There are also a lot of Mexican cultural references and influences.

Characteristics of Frida Kahlo for Kids to explore

  • own self-portraits in general – but specifically with flower headbands
  • Casa Azul
  • Flowers headbands
  • Poraits or crafts for Frida herself (and her distinctive eyebrows)
  • Frida’s love for animals especially her pet monkey
  • A love for colour and traditional Central American textures and fabrics
  • Due to Frida Kahlo’s Mexican heritage she is also often associated with Day of the Dead activities

Frida Kahlo Crafts and Art Projects focussing on Frida

We have a range of fabulous Frida Kahlo art projects, as well as craft projects for kids of all ages to explore. However, middle school students are most likely to enjoy these projects the most, though with assistance elementary students can enjoy these too. They are great compliment to any art lesson about Frida Kahlo and you can explore these ideas using a range of art mediums from oil pastels to watercolor paints! Hopefully, you will draw lots of inspiration from these ideas and have a fabulous creative time at home or in the classroom.

TP Roll Pinata Frida Kahlo style for Cinco the Mayo

Easy Mini Pinatas Frida Kahlo style! Perfect for Cinco de Mayo celebrations! (The video instructions for this are also on auto play in this post!)

Adorable Frida Kahlo Peg Dolls, that also double up as a necklace! Isn’t it gorgeous? By Artcampla

Another great project by ArtCampla is this paper doll Frida. Isn’t she gorgeous?

And another fantastic project by Artcampla – looking at “continuous line drawing” and then creating a gorgeous craft stick frame!

For someone who loved flowers so much, I thought this Frida Kahlo Plant pot by Buddies Babies and Biscuits is just adorable!

Lucky Mary Sunshine combines tissue paper bleeding, tracing skills and flower making to create these Frida Kahlo portraits.

Frida Kahlo portraits for preschoolers with sticky art by A Playful Mama!

Of course we need a Toilet Paper Roll Frida by Aventures in Mommyland

Mini Mad Things makes some great Rock Frida’s

Learn how to make these easy Frida Kahlo Masks with Stay At Home Fun Ie.

Frida Kahlo inspired head wear

Inspired by Frida Kahlo’s self portrait the “Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird”, TishTeach amde this grogeous hair piece.

Raising Kinsley makes BEAUTIFUL flower headbands.

Frida Kahlo and La Casa Azul

Lotta Leoni and La Casa Azul

4 Kids 2 Moms share this fun Egg Decorating idea of Frida Kahlo and her Casa Azul

Love these Origami Casa Azul for kids by Fun for Spanish Teachers. Isn’t it brilliant? I can never resist some Easy Origami for Kids!

Self Portraits make Fantastic Frida Kahlo Art Projects for Kids!

Making Mini Masters shows us how to make mixed media Frida Kahlo self portraits

Create your own vibrant self portraits with this art project by Woo Jr.

More fun with self portraits! Love this approach of using mixed media and sticking on butterflies. What else can you add from around the home or your art room? Tissue paper flowers? Fabric flowers? Other animals and leaves? More info over on Snuggle Bug University.

Other Frida Kahlo Resources

Printable Poster and coloring page (love the quote) by Jenny Knappen Berger.

With Frida’s Mexicn heritage she is often associated with the Day of the Dead and because of that Halloween (they fall around the same time). So many people enjoy decorating pumpkins inspired by Frida. Isn’t this one from Alisa Burke gorgeous?

As mentioned previously, Frida LOVED her pets and they often feature in her artwork. So like Classic Play did here, you can explore drawing Bonito her pet parrot OR you can focus on your own pets and draw them in bright and vibrant colours!

Three Frida Kahlo Books for kids

This section contains affiliate links – if you choose to purchase through these links, I will earn a small comission that goes towards the upkeep of this website!

Frida Kahlo Art Books for Kids

Frida Kahlo: The Artist Who Painted Herself (Get it here US/ UK)
My favourite of all the books suggested here. Best mixture of information and actual artwork!

Through original artwork by the renowned artist Tomie dePaola-a longtime aficionado of Frida Kahlo’s work-as well as beautiful reproductions of Kahlo’s paintings, this latest Smart About book explores the creative, imaginative world of Mexico’s most celebrated female artist.

Frida Books for kids

Frida by Johan Winter (US/ UK)
Sweet illustrations for younger kids.
When her mother was worn out from caring for her five sisters, her father gave her lessons in brushwork and color. When polio kept her bedridden for nine months, drawing saved her from boredom. When a bus accident left her in unimaginable agony, her paintings expressed her pain and depression – and eventually, her joys and her loves. Over and over again, Frida Kahlo turned the challenges of her life into art. Now Jonah Winter and Ana Juan have drawn on both the art and the life to create a playful, insightful tribute to one of the twentieth century’s most influential artists. Viva Frida!

Frida Kahlo ( Little People, BIG DREAM)- US/ UK

Simplified illustrations and stories for younger kids

When Frida was a teenager, a terrible road accident changed her life forever. Unable to walk, she began painting from her bed. Her self-portraits, which show her pain and grief, but also her passion for life and instinct for survival, have made her one of the most famous artists of the twentieth century. This moving book features stylish and quirky illustrations and extra facts at the back, including a biographical timeline with historical photos and a detailed profile of the artist’s life.

Little People, BIG DREAMS is a bestselling series of books and educational games that explore the lives of outstanding people, from designers and artists to scientists and activists. All of them achieved incredible things, yet each began life as a child with a dream.

Collage of Frida Kahlo Art Projects for Kids, including self portraits, Caza Azul and flower headbands.

More wonderful Great Artist Projects for kids here: