How to knit an Elf Hat (Finger Knitting)

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How to knit an Elf Hat! The kids and I have a thing about Elf Hats in the run up to Christmas.. I don’t they are just so fun and usually rather warm too. Making the perfect Winter accessory. Especially on the last day of school. Last year, I REALLY wanted to give our guest post Finger Knitted Santa Hats a go.. so decided to make a Finger knitted Elf Hat version!

Knit an elf hat

In our house we LOVE finger knitting. Once you get the hang of it, it really is very easy… I had never made a Finger Knitted Hat before… so was definitely keen to give these ago!

Materials for your elf hat DIY:

  • Chunky wool – the chunkier you can find the better!
  • We used, white, green and red!

But of course you can use whatever colours you like!

I confess, that I made this last year, during the Christmas days…. so I don’t totally remember what I did – save for following the fabulous video below. But I am pretty certain that I used ONLY my fingers… no needles.. oh and scissors. But really that was it. Chunky wool and fingers!!! So.. are you ready to knit an elf hat?!

How to make a finger knitted elf hat

Really.. you need to head over to Bean Creative’s YouTube video! It really is so so sooo easy to follow. Even the pom pom is a finger pom pom.. but you can make it using any of our fabulous Pom Pom Making techniques.

I followed the instrctions un the video and simply switched between red and green every two rows. I did not cut the yarn each time but “carried it over from below. Making sure the carried over bit was on the “inside” of the hat, so you don’t see it so well.

elf hat back

The changing over colours, does give you a “kink” in the hat – the same it does for the white rim in the orginal finger knitted Santa Hat craft. But we simply where our hat with the kink at the back and it doesn’t bother us! The elf hat stripes are still worth it!

Finger knitting christmas

I hope you have been inspired to knit an Elf Hat!!!

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