Frozen 2 – It’s finally happening!

Frozen! YES! It is back. Finally, I know many of us parent’s simply can’t Let It Go…. that song… in our heads forever. Love it or hate it, I think pretty much every parent with a child between 3yrs old and 11yrs, knows the Disney movie called Frozen! I loved the first movie. A story of sibling love and courage. Opposed the usual “prince” and “princesses” romance (it even pokes fun at these old fashioned fairy tales).

The main still from the new Frozen movie – MOODY, isn’t it?!

The poster for Frozen 2

Oooh loving those diamon details… clearly they play an important feature in the movie…

…. as we get to see them again here.. what do they signify?

The trailer is finally here – I am sooo excited! So what do we know about the movie?

Woohoo.. so yesterday I spotted THIS on YouTube.. there have been many a “false” speculation about the Frozen 2 movie in the past – in fact, there was a short birthday movie a while back and everyone thought THAT was the new Frozen 2 movie.. but no.. this time it is for real. Frozen 2 is coming!

When will Frozen 2 be out?

It looks like November.. that gives us a whole 8 months to get excited about Frozen all over again. Revisit the old movies, dust off our Elsa dresses and make some Frozen Crafts. But what a LOOONG wait. Summer will be long! And I reckon this will be THE Christmas Movie of 2019. I know I will be at the front line!!

What is Frozen 2 about?

In summary by Disney:

“Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf are going far in the forest to know the truth about an ancient mystery of their kingdom.”

Doesn’t give too much away, does it. But well.. judging by the trailer.. it looks as if Elsa will be single handedly tackling climate change. Topical and excited for sure!

Who are the Frozen 2 Characters?

Well of course there will be Anna and Elsa, as well as Kristoff.. there appear to be TWO NEW characters… and there is MUCH speculation about who they may be!

Will Olaf be there?

YES! Thankfully he is.. Frozen just wouldn’t be Frozen without Olaf! There he is.. our little guy!

And that is it! For now we don’t know that much more about the New Frozen 2 Movie.. however the trailer (do watch it above) looks VERY exciting! And I can’t wait to find out more! Loving all the Autumn Colours and the mysteriousness feel of the movie so far. This one will be a “dark” one I am sure!

What do I do until Frozen 2 Comes Out?

I don’t know about you.. but I am EXCITED.. and I can’t wait.. but wait I must.. so why not revisit some of our old Frozen Crafts:

Frozen Story Stones  – easy printable and great make for kids. I will need to add new characters by the looks of it.

Prinable Frozen Paper Puppets – similarly you can make some craft stick puppets for your Cereal Box theatre.

Olaf Cork Ornament  – such a quick and easy craft of one of our favourite characters!

Elsa Bookmark Corner I now need to make Anna! I didn’t have time “at the time”.. but now I need to MAKE time!

Elsa 3d Paper Doll – ditto.. where is Anna

Elsa Cake – this takes me back to a little girl’s birthday!

Elsa Pop Up Card – with Friendship message or blank!

Olaf Kindercone – it was almost bigger than her! Can’t believe that was 5yrs ago!