Fun Easter Worksheets & Lesson Plans

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Bringing together my top Easter worksheets and Easter Lesson plans that I have here on Red Ted Art. Crafts are a wonderful complimentary activity in any classroom and a wonderful way to fill some lesson plan gaps. I picked out my top crafts that also have some STEAM elements to them.. for extra educational benefits.. e.g. explore basic mechanics in our articulated paper bunny puppet or work with symmetry, diagonals, parrel lines and ratios when creating Easter origami.

This collection of Easter teaching resources comes with a one page lesson plan overview, printable worksheet instructions (where possible, I have made these one page instructions to economise on printing) and templates (where appropriate).

What age group are these Easter teaching resources for?

I would say these activities are particularly suites to Elementary students (that is KS1 and KS2 here in the UK), as they will be expected to do more independent work. However, you can also use some of these projects with small groups of younger students or if working 1 on 1 for homeschool with preschoolers or 1 or 1 for special SEN sessions in a school environment.

NOTE: some of these Easter activities and crafts, are available directly here on the Red Ted Art website (you can find links to individual crafts via our Easter Kids Crafts collection or our Easter Category), however, they will not have the lesson plans, nor the easy to print worksheets and you will have to put up with the ad content! Also most emplates are only available on my teacher’s resource store.

Top 4 teaching resources easter

Top 4 Easter STEAM Projects – STEAM inspired activity bundle

By popular demand, I have combined our top 4 Easter STEAM Projects – these are all craft based projects that encourage art, maths, symmetry, pattern making, simple construction of 3d items as well as basic mechanics (paper puppets!).

This is a smaller 4 project bundle, but we also have an 8 project bundle in the store, if you would like to check that out instead!

This 4 Easter Craft STEAM bundle includes:

  • Super popular Bunny Puppet – exploring basic mechanics, comes in several colors, as well as black and white and can be accesorized
  • Popular Paper Easter Baskets – printable template is included, however students are encourage to measure and calculate their own templates (3 times table comes in handy) to create this 3d basket
  • Origami Doodle Birds – simple maths looking at shapes, angles and symmetry
  • Finally, a fun basic art project creating Easter garlands. NOTE: The templates can be repurposed to make simple Easter Headbands or Easter cards too (though this is not included in the “instructions).
Easter teaching resources

6 Easter Crafts & Activities – Peeps Decorations, Greeting Cards,Banners,Origami

A collection of fun Easter Crafts and Activities to make this Easter.

This 27 page Easter Teaching Resource Bundle includes:

  • Peeps 3d Decorations
  • Easter Banner coloring Pages
  • Bunny Origami + Easter Card idea
  • One page Pop Up Easter Egg Card to design and make (no glue!)
  • Our most popular Origami Doodle Birds
  • Simple Egg Templates to color or turn into simple greeting cards

Easter STEAM Bundle – 8 Top Educational Paper Crafts for Easter & Spring

Our mega Easter Teaching Resources bundle.. with all 8 of the top favourite Easter Crafts (based on simple STEAM thinking).

A fun set of art based Easter STEAM Projects! Bringing together the most popular Easter Paper Crafts from the Red Ted Art Store.

This 8 STEAM based Easter projects bundle, includes:

  1. Paper Easter baskets (incl basic basket template, but students are encourage to create their own – using simple measurements and maths to construct a 3d basket)
  2. Egg based Easter garland – a simple and effective art project
  3. Simple 3 Peeps Ornaments
  4. Printable moving bunny puppet (simple mechanics) – this bunny isn’t just adorable, but customisable too
  5. Doodle birds – a popular origami project that encourages both a little art and maths (symmetry and shapes)
  6. Origami Bunny Cards – Hoppy Easter – encouraging maths (symmetry and shapes), whilst creating a fun craft to send to loved ones
  7. Simple pop up card – requires no glue, just folding and cutting
  8. Paper weaving chick cards – great for fine motor skills and pattern making

    As mentioned, these are the most popular STEAM inspired crafts in our Easter section.
Easter Corner bookmarks

Easter Corner Bookmark Bundle

Easter Bookmark Crafts: Learn how to make a classic Origami Bookmark Corner and then how to quickly and easily transform it into 4 different spring/ Easter themed bookmarks: Hen, Bunny, Lamb and Ladybug.

Introducing basic origami skills, whilst making a practical craft and encouraging reading with these handmade bookmarks. Corner bookmarks are fun and easy to make – a great simple STEAM activity looking at symmetry and angles.

The bookmarks make great little gifts all year round but are also make popular in school fundraising ideas! As they are inexpensive to make, but are practical and look nice too

PLEASE NOTE – though this comprises 12 page of PDFs, each craft has one page in common! As all corner bookmarks start off with the same basic origami corner bookmark pattern.

This spring & Easter Corner Bookmark Bundle, includes

  • The Hen & Chick Corner Bookmark
  • Two versions of the Bunny Corner Bookmark
  • The Lamb Corner Bookmark
  • The Ladybug Bookmark Corner

As mentioned you can find more Easy Kids Craft for Easter inspiration here or browse our Easter Resource Category pages:

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