Easy Easter Ideas & Crafts for Kids

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We have a huge amount of Easter Resources for Teachers & Parents – from Paper Easter Crafts, to Easter Bookmarks or Preschool Easter ideas… time for our FAVOURITE Easy Easter Ideas & Crafts for Kids in one place.

Easter Crafts for Kids

Throughout this fun Easter Craft Ideas collection, I will also point you towards other crafts and ideas round ups, should you wish to see more of the same! I hope you enjoy this round up and find some easy Easter crafts to give a go this year.

Other great THEMES to explore:

We have SO Many different Easter resources here on Red Ted Art, that I thought you may want to see some of the subcategories, which may make your Easter Crafting easier to explore and plan. Here are top favourites:

Lots of lovelly spring crafts for you to tap into your inner creativity with! Enjoy. And onwards to todays Easter crafts for kids of all ages.

Easter Card Making For Kids

We love making cards for all seasons.. but we ESPECIALLY love making Pop Up Cards. And these “Easter themed cards” are perfect not just for Easter.. but for Spring Birthdays, get well wishes, moving house cards or just because.. here are our favourite… but do explore them all!

Pop Up Easter Chick Cards

Super cute and easy “Chick Pop Up” cards! A simple technique with great results. Adorable Easter Card fun!

Easter Chick Weaving

Have a go at Paper Weaving. With these Woven Egg Chick Cards – you have a choice of making them as greeting cards, or there is a free printable “big” version as a cute preschooler Easter Art Project! Grab your printable, cut some colorful strips of paper and get weaving!

Bunny Basket Weaving

Similarly, why not weave these bunnies some adorable baskets? They make a cute “Bunny in a Basket” greeting card this Easter! Again, all you need is your free printable, some strips of paper and some coloring pens – though here we had a go with watercolors too!

From Coloring Pages to easy Pop Up Easter Card

How to make Easter Pop Up Cards with Coloring Pages!

Pop Up Flower Garden

These easy Pop Up Flower Garden DIY could have some bunny or spring chick additions to make them perfect for Easter too!

Craft stick chickens

These Craft Stick Chickens could go into the “general section as part of some Easter Decor or general Easter Craft.. but if you double up the “body” of the triangle you could make a super quirky Easter Card too, don’t you think?

easter potato printing

If you are going to give Easter Egg Potato printing a go (great for making quick and fun Easter Cards).. keep it simple like Oakland Mums has. Focus on creating patterns in your potato and using ONE color (or print on colored paper). Trying multiple color potato prints – will result in smudges and frustation. Believe me!

handprint easter

Mas and Pas also has this adorable Handprint Bunny Card to make. Too cute. Altenratively, do check out fingerprint chick cards. So simple and quick to make.

General Easter Crafts for Kids

This section has our widest range of Easter Activities – hopefully, you will have many of these materials in your craft stash.. so no additional purchases required. I always encourage you to work with the supplies you have to hand and keep it as simple as possible – especially if working in the classroom!

Easter Chick Banner
Cutest Easter Egg Banner!

Cutest of cute egg shaped Easter Garland!! So easy to customise the colours and designs for your Easter decor. Grab the printable today!

Yarn Wrapped Pom Pom Sheep Wreath
I “designed” this pom pom wreath for a classroom setting, as it uses less yarn than a full “pom pom wreath”

Cutest Pom Pom Sheep Wreath for Kids! We love Yarn Wrapping AND Pom Pom making.. combine the two for some extra cuteness! Did yo uknow you could make pom poms using a fork too? Making this super easy and fun!

Paper Chick Ornaments

One of my favourite Paper Easter Crafts EVER are these Chick Paper Decorations – such a cute Spring decoration made from more or less just paper.

Finger knitting bunnies

Love a finger knitted bunny!

Easter Pinch Pots

We ADORE making Creative Pinch Pots! They are a wonderful beginner’s project for people using Air Drying Clay for the first time. It is surprising how many things you can turn this basic pinch pot shape into.. like these adorable Easter Egg Pinch Pots! So cute. Love that little chick version too! How about some super fun (and yes) EASY Pinch Pots for Easter?! Turn them into Easter Eggs or cute Chick Pinch Pots! Acrylic paint will give these pinch pots a great finish.

Easter Bath Bombs
Make Bath Bombs and Pour & Melt Soaps for Easter

We love making Easter Bath Bombs. They are a super fun way to give non chocolate gifts to friends and family!

decorate the sock bunny

Or if you fancy a “No sew” activity that is just as cute, how about this adorable easy No Sew Sock Bunny? Love the burlap details, so sweet.

Easter Bookmark Designs for Kids

We love bookmarks for ALL Seasons and can never get enough of them. We always make a batch for our Little Free Library and new Corner Bookmark Designs are always popular. Here are our favourite Easter Bookmarks for kids!

Bunny Bookmarks

When you have mastered the basic Origami Bunny, ou can then move on to these super cute bunny corner bookmarks. Also easy to make and super sweet. A great little Easter gift too.

Chicken Bookmark Corner

Similarly we have some quick and easy Chick Corner Bookmarks! Aren’t they fun? You will want to make a whole family of them!! A great addition to our Corner Bookmark Designs collection.

Easter Origami for Kids - have a go at Origami this Easter, with these easy Easter Origami Patterns for kids. From easy paper bunny to adorable chick envelopes! #EasterOrigami #kids #origami #tutorials #papercrafts #bunny #baskets #eggs

The newest of our Easter Bookmark Designs.. are these fluffy Sheep Corner Bookmarks! Easy and cute!

Bunny bookmarks

I love this Paper Clip Bunny & Egg Bookmark Combo! Easy and oh so cute to make!

Easter Origami Ideas for Kids

I actually have a whole collection of Easter Origami Ideas for Kids! There are so many cute things you can make. But if you are short on time, and just want to see my favourite must makes, try these!

Easy Bunny Origami

These paper bunnies are just sooooo easy to make and  a GREAT introduction to Origami for kids. Great as decorations (make a garland), as simple toys or as part of an Easter card. Make one. Make many! These would be great easter card ideas for toddlers – make a set and glue to the front of some card stocks. Wonderful.

Flex your origami skills and have a go at this Origami Carrot – this would be super cute as a carrot bunting or maybe as part of an Easter Greeting Card!

Easy Carrot Paper Box for Easter Treats

Or make this paper carrot box – super easy too and you can fill it with candy and treats as Easter gifts in the classroom or for your Easter basket! No fiddly mason jars to paint!! Just easy paper boxes to ake and fill 🙂

Easy Paper Birds

Love how FUN this Paper Bird Origami is! Combine this simple origami with some fun Easter Doodles. Now with worksheet printables to use in the classroom too!

Tangram Origami Chicken

Learn how to make tangram shames and turn these tangrams into cute origami tangram chickens!

Easy origami chick envelope

Learn how to make a Letter Envelope. Write your letter.. then fold it into this adorable Origami Chick Envelope!

Easy Egg Cup Origami for Easter

Super easy origami egg cups for kids to make! A great Origami pattern for kids to get excited about this traditional paper folding craft and technique! These are perfect for the Easter table. Quick and easy to make.

DIY Glue Yarn Bowl for Spring - love this take on the yarn bowl - by using green wool and colourful flowers

Looking for fun Easter crafts to decoraet the Easter table with. LOVE these DIY Yarn Bowls – if you have ever had these on yur to do list, make them now for Spring. So sweet when using green woold, some little yarn flowers and any other yarn decorations you can find. Delicate, easy and fun!! Check out the instructions today.

Rabbit Paper Puppet

Make use of our Paper Bunny Puppet Printable, in lots of colours and B&W for making you own. Part of a more extensive set of Paper Easter Crafts for Kids! Such an adorable bunny to make!

Pipecleaner bunny
3min Bunnies!

Take one pipecleaner a bead and in less than 3minutes you can make these super duper cute Pipecleaner Bunnies! Love them!

Paper Plate Bunny Purse

Maybe this one is more for the Preschool Easter Crafts collection, but I do LOVE a Paper Plate Purse. SO quick, so easy and oh so cute!!

Recycled Easter Crafts for Kids

Aaaah crafting with kids is always fabulous when you make “the best out of waste”. It teaches kids about the enviroment and being economical and thrifty too. We love all sorts of recycled crafts for Easter.. from Newspaper Easter Crafts to egg cartons and toilet paper rolls and more.. check out our top ideas here.

Egg Carton Chicck

A “classic” and perfect craft for Easter – convert your egg carton box into a Rooster or chick. These take me back to my childhood. Feathers, paint, some card and hey presto… Here is more info on how to make the Egg Carton Chicks!

Chicken Treat Boxes

This is a great 5 minute craft idea for Easter – turn Cardboard Tubes into Chick Treat Boxes in minutes!

Gen Easter Basket
Easy DIY Chicken Easter Basket

These Easter Hen Baskets are made from recycled tissue paper and are easy for kids to help make. We also made an adorable Easter Chick Basket version!

easy easter bonnets

No Easter Craft collection would be complete without a DIY Easter Bonnet or too! Our very own bonnets made out of newspaper and salvaged tissue paper – we made some with flowers and some with Easter chicks! They are so quick and fun to make you will want to make more and more and more! I do love Newspaper Crafts, so very versatile and simply fabulous. Environmentally friendly, inexpensive AND fun! I confess that we used watered down acyrlic paint to paint these, but any child friendly paints will do!

Sponge print bunny art

Turn old Cardboard into some fun art work for Easter! This is a fun Sponge Printing Easter Bunny art challenge, entirely made from upcycled cardboard.

Tshirt Yarn Bunny
T-shirt yarn is fan to craft with

Or have you tried your hand at upcycling old t-shirts into DIY T-shirt yarn? Once made, you can use it for macrame projects, such as these T-shirt yarn bunnies!

Easter Sewing Projects for Kids

juggling chickens bean bags

This is one of my favourite Easter Crafts to date – How about some “juggling chooks” – well you don’t have to juggle with them, you can have them as pretty decor, or you can play bean bag toss like we did! But they are SUPER easy to make – hand or machine sew and make a great project for someone learning to sew!  Also a great way to use up slightly large pieces of scrap fabric.

Bunny Pattern

We have long loved these easy to sew Bunny Rag Dolls (with free pattern). I made these from some old corduroy trousers and shirt as a gift to my kids when I had to go away for a bit once! Later we made some clothes for them.

Sewing with kids

A little while later we sewed and even easier version together! Love these easy Bunny Sew a Softies!

Easy Bunny Brooches

If you still have the sewing needles and felts out.. this is a Bunny Brooch craft GREAT for beginners – in fact, why not sit down and teach the kids to sew? Easy and cute and make lovely little Easter gifts too!

|DIY Easter Tree Decorx

Growing up, I was used to traditional Easter Trees from Germany/ Austria. These really make the loveliest Easter decor and if you make just “one thing”, make it an Easter Tree/ Easter branch display. They are super simple – you take some large seasonal branches – in particlarly Pussy Willow, pop them in a vase and decorate them with blown out eggs. Super simple! There are lots of variations of the Easter Tree now a days.

Popular branches you can use include, of course, the pussy willow, but cheery blossoms, dogwood and forsythia also make a great Easter Tree! And you can decorate them in lots of different ways too.

Here we had some cute egg birds with tissue paper blossom. They were super easy to make and the kids ADORED helping me decorate this Easter Tree!

Other ideas for Easter Tree decorating:

  • Make pom poms (e.g. we have some sheep pom poms and chick pom poms, though I think pom poms in pastel colours as is would be lovely)
  • Make salt dough ornaments (use an egg shaped cookie cutter and paint – check out our favourite salt dough recipe here)
  • Paper decorations (see the next section for lots of ideas – continue reading below! though out Paper birds are popular!)
  • Of course ANY decorated and blown out eggs – lots of decorating ideas – continue reading below
  • Any store bought ornaments

I think Easter Trees are definitely one of the simple Easter crafts to do that also look stunning!

Easter Egg Decorating for Kids

Decorating REAL eggs is super fun and a great Easter tradition. Not only are blown out eggs great for the environment, but they are thrifty too! Learn how to blow out eggs here. No need for store bought craft eggs – just “make your own”. Once you have a set of eggs, it is time to decorate!

dye your eggs twice

Leaf Print Easter Eggs with Natural Dyes!

Fun Easter Eggs

Adorable Tissue Paper Easter Egg Chicks! These are easy to make and look adorable. I used craft foam for beaks, but would now make tehse again using coloured card instead.

Easter Bunny Eggs

You simply HAVE to have a go at these Egg Bunnies! So darling!

DIY Galazy Eggs

Or get ARTY and have a go at this easy step by step guide to making Galaxy Easter Eggs. A great way to paint with sponges.

Fun with Unicorn Eggs

How PRETTY are these DIY Unicorn Eggs? A quick make with a hot glue gun.. so cleaver.. you just need white eggs, markers, some embellishments and done!

Egg Solar System
School Egg Decorating Competition!

So my kids’ school has an annual School Egg Decorating Competition.. and my kids like to plan their entries for weeks in advance. We have made all sorts over the years, from Cress Heads that need a hair cut, to Egg Solar Systems. Lots of fun and lots of ideas…. you can find our winning top tips here.

Aren’t these Easter Egg Crafts simply the best?!

Easter Treats for Kids to make

Well.. you can also make some cute Easter crafts in the kitchen… Finally a cheeky section for some yummy Easter Treats! Well why not!

Easter Afternoon Tea

We made an Afternoon Tea Party one year.. and it included Chocolate Nests (see below), easy Easter Fudge and these adorable Easter Cookie Chicks (and Bunnies!).

Carrot Cake Muffins
Fun idea for decorating carrot muffins

Carrot Cake Muffins – I do love this fun idea making the ordinary carrot cupcake that extra cute.

Easter Nests
We have made this classic Easter treat many times over the years!

Classic Cornfalkes Chocolate Nests – these can of course also be made using rice crispies or any cereal you prefer – including healthier options such as All Bran!

Bird nest treats

These adorable “Love Bird Nests” where made for Valentine’s, but wouldn’t they be super cute at Easter too? Just switch the sprinkles around to more Easter colours!

Easy Fondant Bunnies

We had some left over marzipan from birthday cake baking! And decided it would begreat for making some super duper quick and easy Marizpan Bunny and Choc Egg Easter treats! Yum!

Easy Fondant Sheep

Similarly, left over white fondant icing and is great for this rather cute and ridiculously EASY Fondant Sheep!

Easy Chicken Cupcakes and Sheep Cupcakes - perfect for a Farm Themed Party. These are seriously adorable and are super tasty (oh and nice and easy to make!)

The kids will have a BLAST making these easy peas chicken and sheep cupcakes. And even MORE fun eating them. They are  great addition to any Easter treats!

You can finnd links to ALL Our Easter Collections on our super handy DIY Easter Resources for Parents & Teacher’s page!

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Easy Easter Ideas and Easter Crafts for Kids! Our favourite Easter Craft inspiration from over the years. Easy, colourful, seasonal and fun!!!
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