Easy Paper Peeps Wreath for Easter

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I do LOVE it when my readers share their Red Ted Art Crafts with me on Instagram or Facebook.. as Heidi did the other day – sharing our Peeps Ornaments turned into a gorgeous Paper Peeps Wreath for Easter! So clever!

Spring Peeps Wreath

I promptly asked, if Heidi was happy for me to share her craft and photo with you here on Red Ted Art and she agreed. Woohoo! I love when people take inspiration for one of our crafts, unleash their creativity and make something “new” from it. And this Peeps Wreath for Easter is a perfect example of this.

It is such a simple make and looks fabulous, don’t you think?

How else could YOU use our Peeps printable? Here are some ideas:

  • Peeps ornaments (as per the original)
  • Peeps Bunny Wreath for Easter (as per the make today!)
  • Peeps garland or banner (you could tape or staple the ears to some baker’s twine or ribbon)
  • Peeps pop up cards (a bit like our our Easter Chick Pop Up cards here)

What else can you make with these cute paper peeps bunnies?

Peeps Bunny Wreath for Easter – Materials needed:

In essences, all you ened to make a paper peeps bunnies is PAPER! And to turn it into a wreath, a little cardboard or even just a paper plate to make the wreath base… so:

  • coloured paper (construction paper also works)
  • cardboard to make a wreath base/ or craft shop wreath base
  • a pair of scissors
  • glue stick
  • thread for hanging

For those of you in the know, we have a complete lesson plan for the BASIC Peeps Bunny (not the wreath, but it is the same craft really). The lesson plan has printable step by step instructions (including photos!) for the basic peeps bunny ornament and 3 different types of printables (depending on how you much time you have in class and how you like to print) available on my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

It is not necessary to purchase the printable in order to join in with this craft today…

How to make a paper Peeps Bunny Easter Wreath

The video on auto play shows you how to make your own template and how to assemble your basic Peeps Ornament! I will “walk you” through how to make the Peeps Wreath in the step by step written instructions below!

Step by step Paper Bunny Easter Tree Ornament instructions

Note: if you need a printable version of these Step by Step instructions PLUS step by step photos, do head over to my Teachers Pay Teacher’s store for a handy download – including lesson plan overview, 1 page worksheet and 3 printable options.

Cut your bunny shapes

For the peeps wreath – you only need one “peeps shape” and four paper circles. As you don’t need the “back” of your peeps bunny.

Cut out all your Peeps shapes . Heidi made 10 peeps bunnies – 2 of each of her 5 pastel colors! That means you will also need a total of 40 circles, or 8 circles of each pastel color.

Assembling your peeps bunny

For each bunny, take one peeps cut out and 4 circles.

Fold your 4 coloured circles in half.

Assemble your “paper bauble” halves don’t forget the bunny’s cotton tale

stick your bunny together
3d Peeps Bunnies

Add glue to one half of one semi circle and stick a second one on top. Repeat until you have 4 of the circles stuck together.

Add glue to the front of the Peeps “tummy” and glue your four circles in place.

Make the remaining Peeps bunnies. As mentioned, Heide made 10.

Cut a cardboard wreath

Now take a large plate use as a template to card a large circle (or a circle however big you want..) and cut out a wearth shape. You may want to paint it white or spring colors/ spring pastels too. Or wrap some spring ribbon around it.

Finally, glue your Peeps Bunnies to the wreath and done!

Isn’t it wonderful? Such a lovely take on the Peeps Ornaments we made previously!

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