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Today, we have a lovely GORY Halloween Cupcake, to celebrate the launch of my friend Emma’s book: Gross Science. A bit of gory STEAM Halloween fun to get you into the ghoulish mood. Over to Science Sparks!

Hello, I’m Emma from Science Sparks. My new book GROSS SCIENCE has just been released this week and Maggy kindly said I could give her readers a sneaky peak at one of the 60 activities from the book!

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Gross Science (affilate link) is full of disgusting, icky and sticky science experiments and investigations for kids. Make bath bombs filled with bugs, smelly cow burps, jelly scabs, slimy frogspawn and even a poo launcher!

My favourite chapter in Gross History where you test toilet paper, make a vegetable Mummy and discover how to use herbs to mask nasty smells!

Here’s a sample of one deliciously disgusting activity from this gruesome book.

If you are learning about blood, then these cupcakes are a fun addition to your curriculum.

Red Blood Cell Cupcakes

Red blood cells transport oxygen around the body. They collect oxygen from the lungs and then are pumped around the body via arteries by the heart. They then return to the heart in veins where they are pumped back to the lungs to collect more oxygen.

Red blood cells are biconcave disc shaped, a bit like a doughnut with no hole.

These red blood cell cupcakes are super gross, but taste delicious and demonstrate the unique shape of red blood cells.

To make your BLOOD Cell Cupcakes, you will need

How to make a Red Blood Cell Cupcake

Use the sugar paste to make red blood cell shapes. Form them into a sphere shape and then squeeze the top and bottom down at the same time so you have an almost flat disc with an indent.

Spread a thin layer of red icing over the top of each cupcake and sprinkle red blood cells over the top.

Pour a little raspberry sauce over the red blood cells and then enjoy the gruesome snack.

Did you know red blood cells live for about 4 months? They are made in the bone marrow and contain a protein called haemoglobin which carries the oxygen.

If you enjoyed today’s activity.. why not hop over to amazon and grab yourself a copy of Gross Science today?! (Note: amazon affiliate links have been added for your convenience!).

Find out more about Gross Science here (affiliate links).

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