Easy Tassel Tail Elephant Bookmark For Kids


There is nothing quite like a handmade DIY bookmark! As you know, we are a little obsessed with Corner Bookmarks.. but occassionally, we have something else for you! Like out little Tassel Tail Elephant Bookmark today! Make a cute little Elephant from card and add a fun Tassel Tail to it. Adorable. I will guide you how to draw your an elephant and then make a tassel today.

Elephant Bookmark Craft

We love making bookmarks all year around. And we especially love easy designs! If you like this Elephant… you may also enjoy our Tassel Tail COW Bookmark, that we created for a special Sky Kids TV series:

Tassel Tail Cow Bookmark

Aren’t they adorable? Anyway.. on to our Elephant Bookmarks!

Tassel Tail Elephant Bookmarks – Materials

Elephant Bookmark - materials needed

To make your elephant bookmark you will need the following:

  • Cardstock in the desired Elephant Colour – e.g. blue!
  • Contrasting paper for ears and tusk
  • Pen for details
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Hole punch
  • Wool/ Yarn in desired colours (we made them to match the main elephant colour and the elephant’s ear!)

How to make a Tassel Elephant Bookmark

As per usual we have a combination of video tutorials and step by step photo instructions! Do choose the one you find more suitable!

How to draw an Elephant Simple

Let’s start by learning how to draw a simple Elephant! Once you know how to draw an elephant, you can use this cute little character in other crafts too!

How to draw an Elephant

The basic shape of our elephant is a fat “Upside down U”. You can draw this by tracing say half a cup and then extending some lines down the sides. You will need a big”U” for the “outside” and a small “u” to then position the legs.

You can see that I keep my pen loose and draw several lines, until I am happy. Don’t worry about getting perfect lines to begin with.

Once you have a U shape that you are happy with – add a trunk… again, keep sketching until you are happy.

You can then cut out the elephant.

Next you will need a tusk, ear and rosey cheeks. If need be recut them. I often have to trim my “first go”. Don’t be afraid to recut an item. If you are worried about wasting paper to make your tassel tail elephant bookmark features, use scrap paper first and trace this!

How to make a tassel with fingers

Your Tassel Tail Elephant bookmark now needs the tassel! We have shared how to make a tassel before. But here we are again:

How to make a tassel with your fingers
  • Hold your hand out flat. Thumb pointing up. Fingers together. Place the the string along the index finger of the hand you will use for wrapping (as i am right handed, I use my left hand to wrap.
  • Now you can start wrapping your tassel yarn. There is no “rule” as to how much you should wrap… I actually think not “too much” is nicer, but it really is Trial and error.
  • Once you have wrapped enough, ease the yarn (and the string from your index finger) off your hand.
  • Thread through some wool through the top of the loops and tie off.
  • Now you need to position more yarn to make the “head” of your tassel.
How to make a tassel
  • Take another piece of string and wrap it around the top of your yarn to form that tassel “head” or tassel bobble that you get at the top. Secure tightly and cut – I always make the strings from this knot the same length as the remaining tassle, so you don’t notice the knot.
  • When your threads are secured in this manner, take your scissors and trim the bottom ends open.
  • Your homemade tassel is now finished!!
  • Make a hole through your Paper Elephant and thread the end of the tassel through. Tie off. And your Tassel Tail Elephant Bookmark is done!
Tassel Tail Elephant Bookmarks

Here are your Tassel Tail Elephant Bookmarks again! Aren’t they cute?!

Tassel Tail Elephant Bookmarks in the book

I love how the tassel pops uo out the side of your book (PS.. that is my easy Paper Projects book.. do take a peak if you wish!).

Happy Bookmark Making!

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