Yarn Christmas Crafts for Kids


When you bring our Yarn Crafts for Kids and Christmas Crafts for Kids together.. what do you get? Our favourite Yarn Christmas Crafts for Kids!

Yarn Christmas Crafts

We love working Christmas crafts with wool. Wool, has something warm and tactile about it, perfect for those dark months huddled indoors and crafting. Here you will find some lovely yarn Christmas Ornaments, quirky Yarn Christmas Crafts, as well as some Chritsmas Finger Knitting and simple Christmas Crochet projects.

Who doesn’t love a good yarn Wrapped ornament? Once you know the basics – your imagination is the limit!

Yarn Christmas Ornaments

Yarn Christmas Ornaments - learn how to make mini wreaths

Yarn Mini Wreath – love this wool Christmas Wreath ornament – it is perfect for any wool scraps and recycled cardboard. Super quick and easy to make and rather adorable, if I say so myself! Perfect as an ornament, for a Doll’s house or as part of a greeting card.. how will you, use yours?!

Yarn Christmas Tree Ornament

Yarn Wrapped Christmas Tree Ornaments – we used twigs, wool and some buttons.. easy peasy and so lovely!

yarn wrapped ornaments

Combine newspapers and yarn, to make these fabulous Yarn Wrapped Ornaments for Knitting enthusiasts! So sweet!

Yarn Christmas Ornaments - Learn how to make pom pom penguins

Pom Pom Penguins – I can’t resist a cute penguin craft.. and these little guys are just perfect for the Christmas Tree!

Colourful Pom Pom Angels – or if penguins are not your thing.. try some quirky angels. My daughter came up with this design and gorgeous colours a few years ago!

Knitted Mini Hat Pattern

Mini Bobble Hat Ornaments – Mini Yarn Hat Ornaments – a great beginners knitting project that the kids will love.

Yarn Christmas Ornaments - fun yarn wrapped hearts

Yarn Wrapped Hearts – yarn wrapped ornaments are always lovely and easy. We have a choice of two! These adorable Yarn Wrapped Hearts or…

Yarn Christmas Ornaments- Yarn wrapping stars

Yarn Wrapped Stars! Simply have fun with colours and left over yarn!

I Heart Crafty Things – Yarn Wrapped Christmas Tree ornaments

Yarn angels

Messy Little Monster has these lovely Yarn Angel Ornaments. So cute!

Yarn santa ornament

Cindy De Rosier has the cutest Santa Yarn Ornament (made from yarn and tp rolls no less!).

Pom Pom Gnomes in colourful hats

Lia Griffith has some adorable Pom Pom Gnomes.

Pom pom tree ornaments

Pysselbolaget has some super simple pom pom baubles. Love the use of bottle caps! So clever!

I Heart Crafty Things also has a lovely Yarn Wrapped Cardinal – we love yarn wrapping Christmas Ornaments. So sweet!

If you are feeling really brave, why not try some balloon yarn ornaments? I think the key is to use natural fibres (that take the glue better) and starch…. but I haven’t tried yet. Visit All Things G&D for info!

Other Yarn Christmas Crafts for Kids

Penguin Pom Pom Wreath made with Paper Plates

Pom Pom Penguin Wreath – fancy making a pom pom wreath for Christmas? Well have a go at these pom pom penguin wreaths, they combine yarn wrapping and pom pom making for a lovely Christmas craft. If you make a wreath with pom poms ONLY, it takes a LOT of wool and rather a lot of time too. This pom pom Christmas wreath version is a great compromise!

three kings

Three Kings Day Craft – Needless to say, wool and yarn make great accessories, such a 3 Kings’ Yarn Beards! A great way to use up odds and ends of wool.

Santa Beard

Christmas Peg Puppets – Similary, you only need a little wool or yarn to make Santa’s Beard and Elf’s Hair – with these cute peg printables!

Lacing cards

Christmas Lacing Cards – similarly colour yarn scraps are also perfect for these adorable lacing cards! A great way to get young kids sewing!

Finger Knitting Projects for Christmas

Finger knitting heart

Finger Knitting Heart – this is a super cute and easy project!

finger knitting owl

Finger Knitting Owl Ornaments – have a go at two tone finger knitting, with these super quick and easy finger knitted owls.

Finger knitted santa hat

Finger knitting Santa Hat – and for the ultimate finger knitting challenge.. try this hat!!

For older kids – Crochet Ornaments

Now, we have a whole section on Crochet Christmas Ornaments for you, but just to whet your appetite and to pick out a couple of favourites – try these:

Free Mickey Mouse Crochet Pattern

Mickey Mouse Ornaments – how cute are these mickey mouse ornaments? They would look great in the Christmas Tree, but also as part of a hair band or similar.

Adorable set of crochet ornaments - make these as individual crochet stocking ornaments or as a stocking advent calendar! So cute and easy!

Crochet Mini Stockings – or have a go at these adorable mini stockings! Make 24 and turn them into an advent calendar!

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