Grass Caterpillars

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On my Facebook Page, I ask my readers to share their activities with us… Wendy  made these FANTASTIC Grass Caterpillars with her Gardening Group (check out our smaller Grass Heads too).

Spring Crafts - these grass head caterpillars are just SO MUCH FUN!!! The kids will love this gardening activity! #gardening #science #steam #gardeningforkids #kids #grassheads #planting
First shared in Feb 2014

These make a perfect Garden Crafts for School or at home. She used the length of the leg of a pair of tights – each leg made three caterpillars… and:

“I mixed a handful of grass seed into the compost first and then stuffed it into the tights [Once stuffed, tie string for “segments”. Add some details like googly eyes and pipecleaners. Place outside and water]. The ones left inside sprouted almost over night the kids/adults were well impressed! I love the different textures of the grass delicate, then spiky and then long and shaggy. The kids loved giving them a hair cut and giving there caterpillars names. Have fun we did!”

We now have printable lesson plans for the grass heads! Check them out:

Decorate with googly eyes and pipecleaners

caterpillar craft

Thank you Wendy for sharing this AMAZING!!

You can also check our grass heads and grass head video out!

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