How to Make a Perfect Bow – Hair Bow DIY

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Another one of our quick and easy Craft Basics – how to make a perfect bow… these little ribbon bows are a perfect Hair Bow DIY. If you have a big enough ribbon, you could quickly and easily adapt these to make your JoJo Bows!

First shared in Oct 2017

But of course these bows are great for gift wrapping, for making little bow hair clips, for adding to scrapbooking projects, sewing projects and much much more… I would love to hear in the comments how YOU would use this bow. I think for us, it will mainly be a lovely little double hair bow diy! This really the best how to make a perfect bow tutorial… (though we also have a great perfect MINI bow made using forks too!).

These fabric bows are perfect for scraps of ribbons. You can use them in all sorts of way – they make great hair accessories, sew them onto baby headbands, on hair clips or alligator clips, add them as details on a little dress. Make brooches or add to gifts. No need for boutique hair bows, when you can make your own!

How to make a perfect bow – MATERIALS

  • 2 fingers
  • a strip of ribbon (length vairies depending on your hand size – but minimy 40cm)
  • scissors for trimming

If you wish you can use a needle and thread to secure the bow afterwards or to sew them onto a head band or clothing. Or add your beautiful hair bows to a hair slide and create yourself a hair bow holder to display all your makes! So cute.

How to make a double bow with your fingers – step by step

Yep.. it is video time again.  Hopefully this video will show you how quick and easy these DIY Hair Bows really are to make. The technique DOES work for patterned ribbons too – but you will need to twice your ribbon round a little – I talk about this towards the end of the video tutorial!

Yep! That is really it! Simple right?

Once you get the hang of this easy Ribbon Bow DIY.. you will never forget it and will find so many wonderful use it for it. I love that you get the perfect bow as well as that pretty double bow look! It is a great way to make hair bows out of ribbon without sewing. Just use a hot glue gun to secure it to a haird band, hair clip.. or tie in an elastic band when knotting your final bow knot!They also look great as a double bow on a present (watch the end video for info).

And don’t forget.. if you are after some perfect MINI Bows.. check these out –

If you like to see my videos on YouTube, this finger bow tutorial is also available here: