How to make a Bow with a Fork

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If you have a need for little teeny tiny ribbon bows and find them a terrible fiddle, then you will love this little how to make a bow with a fork trick. It will get you the perfect little bow, without any of the hassle. We love these bows for scrapping booking (or in our case Smash Booking), but they are also great for sewing projects for kids (we used some of the ribbon bows on these Bunny Brooches). We also have a great “Hair Bow DIY” for bigger bows.

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This little Bow Tutorial forms part of our CRAFTS BASICS series over on youtube (and the blog of course).  

I created the series to bring together, well all those “basics” that help make crafting fun and do-able – including some basic hand sewing stitches (very popular), but also little hacks like getting the sticky label off a jar!

Information that usually gets lost in the depths of an ordinary blog post!

I have often been asked, how do you make a small bow, so I thought it was time to show you this super simple and cute technique to make a perfect bow very time.. a perfect SMALL bow – as these can be particularly fiddly!

To make mini Bows with a Fork, you will need:

  • a fork
  • and a piece of ribbon
  • scissors for trimming

(haha so obvious, I know!!)

How do you make a mini ribbon bow? / How to your ribbon Bow with a Fork:

Watch the video on auto play – you can use the photo above as a guide as to how to wrap your ribbon around your fork for the first step! I am afraid on this occassion, a video tutorial really is best.

I have edited the video to reduce the waffle and get straight to the point for quick and easy mini bow making!

What to use mini bows for?

These ribbon bows are perfect for all kinds of projects. As they are so small and also quite flat, they are suitable for lots of scrap booking and card making projects too! So, here are my top lists for using mini bows:

  1. Scrap booking/ Smash books
  2. Card making
  3. Adding to small sewing projects (e.g. our felt bunny brooch)
  4. Add to a small homemade gift box (e.g. a ring box)
  5. Add them to doll’s house accessories (or doll’s hair!)
  6. Add them to small christmas ornaments – e.g. this mini yarn wreath

Enjoy this mini Bow with a Fork tutorial!

Here is another set of DIY Bow Tutorials that you mind find useful:

finger bow
How to make a perfect bow with fingers

Learn how to make these lovely bows using TWO FINGERS as a guide – this is a very similar approach to the DIY Fork Bow, but gives you a bigger bow at the end. I love using these bows as hair accessories or to stick on gift wrap!

how to make paper gift bows

How to make an easy 3d Paper Bow from recycled magazines or comics – this is a super easy technique that looks great! All you need to do is cut 8 strips of paper and then connect them in this clever way. A great way to upcycle and reuse old wrapping paper or convert comics and magazines into a funky eco friendly craft!

If you are feeling a little more daring and what to level up.. then DEFINITELY, give these beautiful Origami Bows a go too!

How To Make a PomPom using a Fork
Forks can also be used to make pom poms!

Did you know.. you can also use a fork to make a pom pom? YES!! SO SO clever. Check this Fork Pom Pom how to out here!

This video tutorial is also available on YouTube: