Hajj Activities for Kids – DIY Theatre Play

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Our Hajj Series continues with a wonderful DIY Theatre and Play from The Whimsy Muslim Mama. Story telling is a big part of all religious events, especially when involving children and teaching them about them. Making your own theatre and theatre props is a wonderful way to revisit and tell key stories.

hajj story telling activity

This activity is not only fantastic for learning about Prophet Ibrahim and of course all the benefits of crafting together and spending quality time together, but it is also fantastic for promoting language skills and sequencing when reenacting the stories!

What is Hajj?

The Hajj is an annual practice when Muslim brotherhood is on display and their solidarity with fellow Muslim people, and submission to God (Allah) is fulfilled. In essence Hajj is the pilgrimage to Mecca – the holiest city for Muslims located in Saudi Arabia. Which all muslims must complete once in their life time. source

The centre of this pilgrimage is the  Al-Masjid Al-Haram Mosque (Kabbah). This is because the Kaabah originated from the prophet Ibrahim. Throughout the Hajj season the story of Prophet Ibrahim, and how he overcame obstacles while calling people to God told is told repeatedly.

Today’s Hajj Story Telling Activity

Since it’s Hajj season, my kids and I did a prophet Ibrahim story book play, using a DIY cardboard box puppet theatre. We had a great time playing with it; there was some silly moments, we laughed, we learnt, and we had a good time! More Hajj/Eid crafts to come, inshaAllah.The Whimsy Muslim Mama

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The Whimsy Muslim Mama and her children created this lovely little shoebox theater based on a book they were reading together:

Prophet Ibrahim and the big fire

Supplies needed for your DIY Theatre Play

This Hajj activity is based on Prophet Ibrahim’s obstable of the big fire. However, you can of course adapt this Hajj activity to suit any book you are currently reading with your little ones. You may have to get creative and make your own props and backdrops!

  • medium sized box – a shoe box or cereal box could work well
  • paints & pens
  • paper to draw/ paint the backdrop
  • fabric & wire for your curtain
  • card for your puppets
  • craft sticks/ ice lolly sticks
  • fairy lights for the fire
  • scissors

How to make your cardboard box theatre

Begin by finding a suitable box! We have made theatres using Cereal Boxes before, but a nice large box or a show box can work too!

Cut out a hole for the front of the theatre.

Paint your theatre in brown (or black). Let dry.

Start making your backdrop.

Grab a piece of paper that fits nicely into the back of your box theatre. Sketch out a simple scene from your book.

The children can help paint “it in”. Let dry and then add details over the top – such as the palm tree details or bulding windows and doors.

hajj theatre play

Pop this into the back of your box theatre!

Add fairy lights and other details to the inside of the box – for decoration and depth.

hajj story telling props

Make your relevant Story Telling Props – by drawing on some card or paper. Cutting them out and sticking them to craft sticks. Here we have:

  • A sun,
  • moon,
  • the king,
  • the prophet (no image just his name in Arabic)
  • his dad,
  • the word ‘cold’,
  • fire and
  • statues.

Remember, you will be popping your pops in from the TOP of your box, so you need to have the the images stuck to the bottom of the craft stick.

Make a simple curtain. For this you will need two pieces of fabric. The height and a little extra of your box (seam allowance) and the width of your box (so it bunches nicely when cloesed).

Fold down the top and sew along the length of it.

Thread some wire through both curtain halves.

Secure the wire to the box by making a small hole and pushing the wire ends in and twisting at the back.

hajj theatre

Your theatre is almost ready! Doesn’t it look great already.

You just need to make one final slit across the top, to allow the insertion of your paper puppets and props.

Now retell the story of Prophet Ibrahim and the Big Fire.

Not only are you teaching children all about Hajj and Prophet Ibrahim, but story tell is also fantastic for language skills and sequencing! Lots of benefits of making this wonderful Hajj activity with your kids!

I hope you enjoyed this acivity today and that you do visit The Whimsy Muslim Mama and give her a follow! So many lovely activities for Hajj and in general. A wonderful account to be inspired by!

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