Halloween Costumes Kids Can Make: Frankenstein


Continuing on our No Sew Halloween Costumes crafty season, we have a Frankenstein Costume to share. If you really want to hide this Halloween and for no-one to recognise you, make a Frankenstein mask out of a paper bag.  Paper bags come in all shapes and sizes, try and find one that fits you perfectly or cut a larger one down to size. These masks were inspired by our hugely popular “Where the Wild Things Live” Masks.

This is a great post to show how very versatile Paper Crafts can be.. and is the perfect Paper Halloween Craft for kids!

Easy Hallowen Costume Frankenstein

DIY Frankenstein Costume – Materials

  • Paper bag,
  • paints,
  • scissors
  • (Black clothes)

You could even get hold of some glow in the dark paint and add a layer of scary glow! Be sure to only paint the areas you want to show up as glowing.

DIY Frankenstein Costume – How To

  • Design your Frankenstein (or any other monster!).
  • Mark out the eyes against your face and cut holes to peep out of.
  • Then get painting.  We also cut to strips out of the side of bag and flipped them up to make the bolts for Frankenstein.
  • Let dry and wear.

Top tip: you can fill the top of your paper bag with bubble wrap to make it rest on your head better.

Now go off and spook someone.. just be sure not to bump into any lampposts!

Wear either dressed all in black.. or if you can get hold of an one size too small tweed or cord jacket – then all the better!

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Happy Trick or Treating!