Halloween Writing Prompts & Coloring Pages

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Time for some spooky fun. Here is a cute and easy coloring page and writing prompt printable for you and you students to have some Halloween printables fun! Choose from 8 different characters and 8 different writing prompts. I decided to also add a set of “blank” writing sheets”, so you can create your own Halloween writing prompts or use these for short stories, Halloween poems or even a fun little Halloween letter! One set of printables.. lots of options. Oh and you can get them in full color and black and white too! Whoop!

Halloween writing prompts and coloring pages

How to use thse Halloween Writing Prompts & Coloring Pages

There are some options for using these coloring pages… I always LOVE to give you options, don’t I!

Full Color, Black and White – writing prompts or plain

  • First choose between the full color set of printables or black and white printables. The full color set are perfect for anyone that has a little less time on their hands. Or if you are purely focusing on writing skills. The coloring pages are great for filling more of your lesson plan time (as well as allowing for some mindfulness coloring time). It is also the more economical option as you will only need the black printer cartridge.
Halloween printables for teachers

Different Halloween Writing Activities

As mentioned, you can also print these coloring pages out with either the writing prompts from us or with just “the lines” – ie with no prompts. Which gives you the choice to:

  • Use the writing prompts
  • Write your own writing prompts (maybe as a class exercise you can write some prompts on the board for students to choose from)
  • Write mini stories (again, you can get the class to brain storm themes together)
  • Use these to write a short letter to a relative or friend
  • Use these to write some Halloween poems

Bonus use for these Halloween Coloring pages – Halloween Bookmarks

  • If you set your printer to print 2 pages per page – you can make some Halloween Bookmarks – students can add book titles and dates to the lines

That said, we have some wonderful additional Halloween Bookmark Coloring Pages for you to check out too!

Supplies needed for your Halloween Writing Prompts

  • The printables – choose from full color or black and white (or get both)
  • Pens for writing
  • Coloring pens etc for coloring if using the coloring pages
  • Scissors (if you wish to cut them out for bullentin boards or popping in an envelope if using these as letter writing prompts)

As always we have a freebie for you.. this time you can get the Witch writing prompt and the Vampire writing prompt for free! Simply add $0 at check out. Or you can simply get the full set (with all the options and great value for 32 pages!).

full set of printables

I hope you enjoy this Halloween Writing Activity!! We have many more wonderful Halloween printables and crafts for you to browse!

Take a peak at these Halloween Coloring Pages! So many fun activities to help you fill your lesson plans with some fun creative activties that your kids will love!

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Halloween printables - writing prompts and coloring pages