Handprint Alphabet – B is for Bee (and “Biene”)

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The Animal Handprint A-Z continues with our Hanprint B is for Bee!!

A super fun project to explore the alphabet and a lovely little Bee craft for preschoolers. So cute! We particularly enjoyed the “free” painting session at the end.

handprint animal alphabet b is for bee - shows preschooler hands

This Handprint Bee was first created in April 2012 and has been updated and republished for your convenience!

Well.. we are back with our Handprint Alphabet – we got crafty and had a go at a “B” letter.. there is the classic Butterfly (to which Red Ted shouted “No”), there are Boats (tempted to use that as S for Ship), Books and all sorts.. but when I suggested “Bee”, Red Ted said “yes Mummy, let’s do a B, it goes like this” – showing me a butterfly. I told him that that was a butterfly, would he like to do that instead? No. (UPDATE: see how complete Animal Handprint Alphabet too!)

What I really like about our Bees, is that I had a very differetn bee in mind  – you know – one seen from the side, with the wings on the top and only one eye visible… well, the children wanted both eyes and a nose! And Red Ted said – you need a wing on both sides! Pip Squeak said “no wings, Mummy, it isn’t a BIRD!”. I actually think her bees are little men and should be viewed perpendicular!!!!

How to make your Handprint Bees

handprint crafts bee

The wings are made from some tulle, left over from our no sew tutus.

handprint crafts

handprint bees

Red Ted *really* wanted noses, as Pip Squeak’s Handprint Aliens had special noses and Red Ted’s didn’t!

handpring bees

Red Ted’s second bee picture. The green on the left is a beehive and the green on the right are fingerprint flowers!

handprint art

Pip Squeak’s handprint bee.. yep.. that bead is a nose! Which makes me think we should turn the picture by 90 degrees.

handprint alphabet b

More green flowers.

How to turn a structured activity into process art

And then the kids got to do some “free painting”:

handprint alphabet b

Red Ted’s is very precise… and the yellow and black are finger prints.

handprint art

Pip Squeak got some Left Brain/ Right Brain creative cross over going!
toddler art

handprint art

Gorgeous isn’t it? And always a great way to end a painting session.

Right.. so our next Handprint Alphabet letter will be C… what shall we do this time?!

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