Harry Potter Christmas Decorations

Calling all Witches and Wizards! Oh how we love Harry Potter Crafts.. and oh how we love Christmas Crafts.. well it was only a matter of time before we brought the two together to bring you are great set of DIY Harry Potter Christmas Decorations. The best Christmas Tree Ornaments for Potter heads!

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Escape to Hogwarts this Christmas, with our set of DIY Christmas Decorations

Trawling the internet, the majority of Harry Potter Christmas Decorations and Items tend to be “for purchase” on places like Etsy…. however, I have found a number of great Harry Potter DIY Christmas Ideas for you to make yourself.

The majority of the Harry Potter Crafts are indeed ornaments – what better way to decorate for Christmas. But there are some additinoal Christmas decorations and inspirations too.

I do hope you are inspired to give it a go and make a truly magical Harry Potter Christmas!! How we love Homemade Ornaments!

DIY Harry Potter Chirstmas Decorations

Let’s get ready for a magical holiday season with our wonderful Harry Potter Christmas DIYs.

Adore these mini potions books that you can actually write in!!! Get your craft supplies ready and get making! I think any studious Hermione’s will wnat to have these hanging on their Christmas Tree!

A simpler version of the potions books above are these “no glue” mini notebooks including printables. Make these, hang a ribbon and done! Which book covwer will you choose? The Half-Blood Prince? Goblet of Fire? Or will you be learning about potions or Beedle the Bard?

Or why not have fun with these festive edible golden snitch ornaments? So cute and easy and of course so so soooo effective!

Soar into the aire with this, Harry Potter Quidditch Broom Ornament by eBot

The Craft Maiden shows us how to make these great flying keys (including how to make your own wings!). Stock up on old keys here US/ UK (affiliate links).

I rather adore these Harry Potter Potions Ornaments by Lemon Lime Adventures – get started by stocking up on clear glass baubels (US/ UK – affiliate links)

Similarly, how about these super cute Polyjuice Potion Ornaments for Harry Potter fans by  Piece by Polly (again you can stock up on these mini jars here – US/ UK (affiliate links))

Hedwig Owl Ornament by Life Family Joy

Originally by this etsy shop  (affiliate link) – but take a look and maybe it will inspire you to make your own?!

Learn how to sew your own Harry Potter House Ornaments by Hey Let’s Make Stuff! One for each house of course, so no matter if you are Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff support, these house badges are simply perfect for the tree!

Oh my oh my oh my….. this DIY Mandrake Ornament on Craftster really is simply FABULOUS! Must make.

You can’t have a Harry Potter Christmas Crafts round up with our some adorable House Sock Ornaments like these by Ravelry

The Weasleys fans of course, will want to see this adorable Harry Potter and Ron Christmas Jumper ornament by Ravelry (actually a Cell Cozy!! But I think it doubles up nicely as an ornament!). Isn’t it the cutest? I want a whole set of our Christmas Tree!

We love an owl.. and we love Hedwig. So of course Hedwig Ornaments are perfect for any Harry Potter fans this Christmas. Check out these Owl Felties by Bugs and Fishes

Simple Patronus Harry Potter Ornaments by Kitchen Counter Chronicles

My son has already said we MUST MAKE these.. I think you can guess what these DIY Floating Candles are made from? And the best bit.. making floating candles from The Great Hall is super easy. This particular set is by A Few Shortcuts! They would be perfect for any yule ball decoration this holiday season too! What a fun way to decorate the ceiling. They would also look great on a Christmas Tree.

Finally.. once you have all your Harry Potter Christmas goodies made.. make use of these free Harry Potter Gift Box printables and “wrap them up” for giving. Hop over to Little Luxuries Loft for info and grab this printable trio! Wouldn’t it be cool to pop these under the Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve? [UPDATE: no longer available… boo]

I leave you with this AMAZING image of a Harry Potter Wreath by this Etsy Seller. Unfortunately it is sold out, but I think it provides amazing inspiration.. and you may also enjoy browsing the rest of this Harry Potter Shop!

This is it for my DIY Harry Potter Christmas ideas!! There are SO many Harry Potter Ornaments that you can purchase.. but I do hope that this collection of DIY ornaments inspires you to get making and get you into that Christmas mood!

Enjoy and have a very “Harry Christmas” (couldn’t resist that pun! Teehee).

Now you have your Harry Potter Christmas decorations sorted.. it is time to grab the your set of Harry Potter movies and settle down for a magic movie marathon! Nothing quite like making your Christmas Movies magical and escaping to the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Right?!