Pop Up Pumpkin Card for Halloween

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We love making Pop-Up Cards all year round! Today, we have this super easy Pop Up Pumpkin Card for Halloween, Fall or Thanksgiving! A super simple and fun card that you can easily personalize to suit your recipient!

pop up cards for Halloween
A super simple card design that can be used for Halloween or Thanksgiving!

If you are looking for a festive Halloween card ideas we have you covered! Are you looking to complement some lesson plans in the holiday season then this Pop up Pumpkin Card is for you. The pumpkin card would also make a great Thanksgiving Card or even a “just” a fabulous 3d Pumpking decoration to put on the mantel.

Making your own pop up cards, is a creative way to send a message to someone special. It is an easy DIY that children can craft for the spooky season (or thanksgiving season!!).

Handmade cards are the best when having a great Fall season!

Personalize the Halloween Greeting Card Messages

Every card needs a fun message. What Halloween card messages could you add? Try some of these fun and spooky ideas or have lots of fun creating your own:

  • Have a gourd-y Halloween
  • Don’t be a jerk-o-lantern this Halloween, so share your candy
  • Have a spooktacular Halloween!
  • Orange you pumped that it’s almost Halloween?
  • Happy Howl-oween!
  • Have a terror-ific Halloween!
  • Have a fang-tastic Halloween
  • Bugs and kisses this Halloween
  • Hope you have a boo-tiful Halloween

Teehee, aren’t these Halloween puns fun? I think, I will encourage MY kids to share their candy for sure! Lots of great Halloween wishes to choose from!

Supplies that will be needed to make the pop up pumpkin

You don’t need to have a Halloween card template to make this cute card!

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • 4 A4 pieces of orange paper or construction paper
  • One A4 piece of card stock paper (red)
  • Scrap pieces of green paper or construction paper
  • Template of an oval shape
  • Template of a pumpkin stem

To personalize – explore different colours for your pumpkin or add additional decorative elements such a as glitter, stickers or other small features!

easy thanksgiving card
This card would be great for Thanksgiving too

How to make a Pop up Pumpkin Card

So how to do you make a Halloween Pumpkin Card?

Make the orange paper pumpkin body first

Begin by drawing your own template to create the shape needed to make a pumpkin. The shape of the pumpkin is pasically an oval shape. It is important that your oval shape is symmetrical, as this is key to make this simple 3d Pumpkin.

Then use that template as a guide to draw around on coloured paper. 8 oval shapes will be needed.

Top Tip: Thrifty & Eco Friendly: We made our oval just small enough to fit twice one sheet of paper – which means you only need 4 sheets of paper to make one card. You can easily customise this project and make one oval fit four times and make a smaller card!

3d pumpkin card

Proceed to cut these out once all of them have been drawn. If you are confident at cutting several sheets of paper at once, you can fold the paper, trace the shape once and cut in one go.

paper pumpkin decor

Next, fold all your oval shapes in half and make sure that it in the centre so that it is neat.

Add glue to one side of the first folded oval shape. Then place the second oval on top of the glue so that they stick together.

Add glue to the other side of the second oval and place the third oval on top of that. After, repeat this method until all 8 oval have been glued together.

Stack your orange paper ovals until you have a 3d Pumpkin

By now you should have a stack of folded up ovals and when you open it up it should fan out.

Draw a pumpkin stem on green construction paper

Make a green paper pumpkin stem

Next, you will be creating the stem of the pumpkin so you will need to draw out your own template of a stem. Use the already made stack of ovals to guide you as to what size it should be.

Cut out the green paper stem once you have done a template.

Get the new piece of paper to act as the card and make sure you fold it in half.

Place the cut out stem at the centre and at the top of the card. Then glue it onto the paper.

Glue the pumpkin pieces into your cardstock

Then you will glue one side of the stack of ovals and place it by the line of the middle of the card. Proceed to glue the other side of the stack and close the card so that it will stick to the paper.

jack o lantern card
Your 3d Pumpkin Card is finished! Will you use it for Thanksgiving or Halloween?

Open the card and the pumpkin has been formed! If you wish then add a little message to your card by writing Happy Halloween of Happy Thanksgiving.

Don’t forget the Outside of the Card

Depending on final use for your handmade card, you can now decorate the front of the card..

For Halloween:

You could draw a vampire or a witch on the front. You could also keep it simple with some spider web designs on the front? Alternatively, cut out a smaller paper pumpkin and turn it into a Jack O’Lantern for the front?

Have a great Halloween!

For Thanksgiving:

Draw another pumpkin or, maybe some Fall paper leaves?

Once done, don’t forget to write your Halloween wishes or Thnkasgiving wishes on the inside of the card and delight someone with it!

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cute halloween cards

I hope you have enjoyed this super duper easy Pop Up Pumpkin Card for Halloween! As you know, we have lots more fun crafts for you to browse, why not try our Paper Halloween Craft collection?

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