Hedgehog Pom Pom Craft

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Well.. I do apologise in advance, you may be seeing a number of pom pom crafts coming from Red Ted Art HQ… after I bought the biggest stash of wool EVER, the kids and I can’t get enough of creating and inventing new pom poms! How sick we were of the bright red and green wool we had (great colours, by all means, but not when ALL your finger knitting and pom pom making ends up in those colours!).  Today, we made some Hedgehog Pom Poms. It took a bit of trial and error.. our first one, ended up as a cat toy… hehehe.  Also, we made our hedgehog pom poms using a pom pom maker (US/ UK (aff links)), however, you can apply the same “step by step” guide to the traditional “circular cardboard method“.

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Super cute and easy Pom Pom Hedgehog. These pom pom hedgehogs are quick and easy to make and totally adorable. My daughter is addicted (watch her video tutorial too... she was only 5 at the time. Awww).

So enough waffle.. on to our pom pom hedgehogs!

Hedgehog Pom Poms - Easy Step by Step How To

Hedgehog Pom Poms – Materials:

  • brown and cream wool (or similar contrasting hedgehog colours)
  • a little black felt and glue
  • scissors
  • pom pom maker or cardboard

Hedgehog Pom Pom – How To:

Pom Pom Hedgehog how to

1) Wind half of your pom pom in brown. Then, do 1/6 in the cream wool – I made this cream bit quite thick. Fill the rest in with brown.

How to Make a Pom Pom Hedgehog

2) Then add another layer of brown over the top of your cream wool.

how to make a hedgehog pom pom for autumn

3) Cut your pom pom and tie. If you want to keep your “tie” for hanging the hedgehog up (say from a key ring or to use it as a zipper pull), make sure you tie the not to the side of the “cream” section – so that later it points in the right direction.

Pom Pom Hedgehog

4) You will get a fluffy pom pom whit a cream section. Doesn’t look very hedgehog like YET, does it?! Don’t worry.. onto the next step to creating your hedgehog pom pom.

Make a cute Hedgehog Pom Pom

5) Now it is time to trim. I did this bit for the kids. I trimmed the bottom quite flat, so that the hedgehog “sits” and I also made the front of the hedgehog pom pom a little “cone shaped”. I cut into both the cream wool and the brown wool to do this “roughly”. Then I trimmed a little more just from the cream section. It is a little bit of trial and error and I almost cut too much away to begin with. Also.. do not fret, if you don’t get a perfect hedgehog shape straight away. I found, once you add the eyes and nose, you suddenly get a much more hedgehog like looking pom pom…

6) Cut two tiny black dots fro your felt as eyes, and a little “nose shaped” (triangle, with rounded edges) piece for the nose and glue on with good white glue.

Cute Hedgehog Crafts - Pom Pom Hedgehog

Do any final trimming if needed and DONE! We think this little hedgehog pom pom is just soooooooooo cute!

Check out my 5yrs olds “simpler” version for younger kids:

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Have fun with your adorable Pom Pom Hedgehog!