Hospital Craft & Story for Preschoolers

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Many moons ago, when Red Ted was little, we made super simple “hospital craft” set from a box and some TP Rolls. It included a simple TP Roll Doctor, some TP Roll patients and, ahem, some chickens (find out more about why below). We also read a lovely book about Hospitals – a great resource for any little ones worrying about hospitals right now.

This is more of a “show and tell” post, opposed to detailed step by step instructions. But you will see they are easy to follow! We do love an easy Preschool craft!

Hospital Story Book & Craft

The Book: Harry & The Robots

Harry and The Robots, by Ian Whybrow.

We have shared thisb ook before as part of our Junk Modelling Robot Craft. It clearly is still a frim favourite in our house. It is also a great little story about hospitals and how they are all about making people better!

This is the story of Harry. He has a toy robot that breaks. His Granny sends the toy off to be mended and suggest they make some of their own whilst the robot is away. That night however Granny falls ill and is taken to hospital. Harry decides to make his own Robots and then sneaks them into hospital to help Granny get better! He makes LOADS in all shapes and sizes. Red Ted (3) thoroughly enjoyed the book, loved all the little robots and as mentioned above ran off and wanted to make his own

Our Hospital Crafts

TP Roll People to go with your Hospital Crafts

TP Roll People

Red Ted wanted to make some people as per the book, so we made some TP Roll People – a doctor, a patient and a family member. We painted the top third of the tp roll in skin tone (you can leave it toilet paper roll colour if you wish), then wrapped some fabric around and poked in some holes for pipecleaner arms. Super simple. As you know, we are great fan of easy TP Roll Crafts for kids! The doctor got a little moustache like the doctor in the book!

Your simple Cardboard Box Ambulance

Simple Ambulance Craft

We then also made a Cardboard Box Ambulance. We habben to have a white box already.. but any box will do and you can paint it white or yellow or red, depending on the Ambulance service in your area.

We then added some red paper strips for a cross and some “reflective details”. Again, you will see how very simple this ambulance craft is, but Red Ted loved it.

We also made an ambulance road with more cardboard and a long thin box. We add masking tape to the centre to make it into a street. Lots of simple playful fun!

Time to play with your Hospital Crafts

Simple TP Roll People

The box we had was extra special as it had a side ways opening panel – PERFECT for opening up and popping in some patients! Again, a great opportunity for hospital play!

TP Roll chicken

Oh and here are the Chickens!! That Red Ted INSISTED on as there were sine Chickens in the book once Granny came back from hospital. We made TP Roll bases for them and painted some cardboard. So cute!

Happy crafting.

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