How to Make a Corner Bookmark Apple

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This really is turning into a SUMMER of Corner Bookmarks! If you are familiar with Red Ted Art, you will know that we have an extensive Corner Bookmark Design collection. Afterall, you can never have too many bookmarks, right? Today we show you how to make a corner bookmark Apple KAWAII style. Yes, we have the Apple Bookmark Corner before (complete with worm), now it is time for these oh so cute Kawaii Apple Girl Bookmarks. They are a design my fellow reader The-Craft-A-Holic-Life, who kindly let me share a remake of them with you!! They would make perfect little “Teacher’s Apple Gifts too”, don’t you think? Or form part of a our gorgeous Fall Corner Bookmark collection too?

So if you are getting ready for Back To School and love some DIY School Supplies.. do add these to your list!

How to make a Corner Bookmark Apple Girls. Adorable Kawaii Apple Girl Bookmarks. A great little back to school project and teacher's gift idea #cornerbookmarks #bookmarks #apples #kawaii #backtoschool #teachers

Kawaii Apple Corner Bookmark  – Materials

  • A red or green piece of square paper (we cut down A4 into 2 squares of approximately 15 x 15cm – but any size is fine!)
  • Some scraps of white paper or brown paper (or any skin colour really)
  • Scraps of green paper
  • Pens for the Kawaii Apple Girl’s facial details
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

How to make a Corner Bookmark Apple

How to make a apple corner bookmark video running on Auto Play:

Kawaii Apple Corner Bookmark Step By Step Instructions

Begin by making a basic Origami Bookmark in red or green. We have Origami Bookmark Step by Step Instructions (including photos) or check our handy Apple Corner Bookmark video on auto play!

Shaping your bookmark

The first thing you will need to do, is to shape your bookmark corner into a rough circle – it will never be a perfect circle, else your bookmark will fall apart!! We used a tin can to measure out the circle. If you look closely, you will see that the tin can overlaps the edges on the TOP of the bookmark and makes a perfect half circle at the bottom. This gives the illusion that you are making a round bookmark corner (like our Emoji Bookmarks or our Pokeball Bookmark Corners).

Kawaii Apple Girl’s Details

Now it is time to decorate your Apple Corner Bookmark. Cut out a green leaf and add black details with your pen.

Next cut out a circle for the Apple Girl’s face – if you can find a nicely sized circle to trace that is great, else, try and do it free style.

Draw on your Kawaii Apple Girl’s facial features – hair, eyes, cheeks etc.

When ready glue the leaf and the kawaii face onto the apple.

Finally add some apply details such the apple’s stork and some textures.

How to make a Corner Bookmark Apple Girls. Adorable Kawaii Apple Girl Bookmarks. A great little back to school project and teacher's gift idea #cornerbookmarks #bookmarks #apples #kawaii #backtoschool #teachers

Your Kawii Apple Corner Bookmark is now FINISHED! Now wasn’t that easy?!

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