Summer Bookmarks – Corner Bookmark Designs

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Clearly we can never have too many Corner Bookmark Designs.. and with the new season almost upon us, I thought you would enjoy a collection of our favourite Summer Bookmarks – indeed Summer CORNER Bookmark designs.

Summer Bookmarks - Corner Bookmark Designs - Love summer reading? Then compliment your favourite summer reads with some fun Bookmark Crafts. Here are some super duper cute DIY Corner Bookmarks to make you Summer Reading happy! You are welcome. More being added over coming weeks, so do check back!

To be honest, I think a summer bookmark could be ANYTHING.. anything that matches what you are currently reading or “in to” – be it Minecraft Bookmarks, or Harry Potter Bookmarks or anything else.. so if you LOVE ANY kind of bookmark, I TOTALLY urge you to look at ALL our Bookmark Designs that we have for you.

The bookmarks shared in this article today, have that “Summer Bookmark Theme” – so we are looking at under the sea animals, summer fruits fun and similar. So I do hope you enjoy this “sub category”, as well as our extensive list of Bookmark Designs.

Also please note – the summer bookmarks outline below are a mixture of “Red Ted Art website posts” – so you can take a look at the images in your own time, as well as Red Ted Art YouTube videos – as I haven’t transferred ALL the YouTube bookmark videos to the website yet. If there are any bookmark designs that you particularly love on YouTube and are waiting for me to “Put onto Red Ted Art”, please do let me know in the comments below!

Summer Bookmark Corners

We have individual videos for each character, so you can really take your time when making these!!! But each corner bookmark begins with a BASIC corner bookmark DIY. They are all start out the same and then have different features added to them to turn them into your favourite characters.

How to make a basic bookmark corner:

Time needed: 5 minutes

Making a corner bookmark is SUPER easy. We have more detailed instructions with step by step photos here. Or, as mentioned watch the videos below. The basic bookmark only takes minutes to make. You can then take your time over decorating them into pokemon bookmarks.

  1. Fold the square paper across the diagonal to make a triangle

  2. Rotate to bring the long edge parallel, then bring the right corner up to meet the top corner.

  3. Repeat with the corner. You should now have a smaller diamond with a line down the middle.

  4. Open up the last two folds.

  5. Folds down the top corner – only take one sheet of paper.

  6. Bring the right corner back up and fold into the flap.

  7. Repeat with the left corner.

Now you have your basic corner bookmarks, learn how to turn them into your favourite Summer Corner Bookmarks Designs! Love.

Animal Corner Bookmarks for Summer

There are lots of great summer themed animals you can make.. from ladybugs to fish bookmarks! I think my favourite are the Turtle Corner Bookmarks and the adorable Mermaids!

Kawaii Food Bookmarks for Summer

Summer is all about food too, right? There are watermelons and strawberries, pineapples and ice creams! Which bookmark to make first!?

Other Summer Bookmarks

Finally, you may also like these additional bookmarks…

As mentioned the above are just the Summer Themed Bookmarks – ie. Summer Fruits and Summer Animal bookmarks etc.

ummer is for reading **anything** of course, and I am pretty certain your kids would enjoy browsing all these other Corner  Bookmark Designs we have for them here.. be it Unicorns, or Monkeys, Minions or Angry Bird Bookmarks! With well over 75 Corner bookmark designs to choose, from, I think that there is something for every. Happy Summer Bookmark Crafting!!