How to make a Ox Corner Bookmark – Year of the Ox

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Time for more Corner Bookmark Designs on Red Ted Art.

Learn how to make Make Your Own Cow Corner Bookmark. This cow can easily be adapted to be a farm cow, a bull or even an Ox! As I bull (main image), I think it rather looks like Ferdinand too, don’t you think. It also works really well as an Ox Craft for Year of the Ox!

Easy Cow Corner Bookmark Design for kids
Easy Farmyard Cow Corner Bookmark first shared in Dec 2019

To make a Bull Corner Bookmark you will need:

  • White square paper OR black/ brown if making a different type of cow, bull or ox
  • Scraps of contrasting paper in black, pink and white OR pink/ beige, white, black and yellow depending on final design
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick

How to Make your Cow Corner Bookmark

As per usual you will need to make your basic origami bookmark corner first – make it in the desired colours for your cow/ bull – this can be white printer paper, black, brown or even a deep red!

Decorating your cow corner bookmark

Your Cow/ Bull/ Ox will need the following features:

How to make a Cow Corner Bookmark
You can vary the size of the cow’s features for different effects
  • A peanut shaped nose part in pink or beige or black
  • Some ears the same colour as your main body (make these tear shaped)
  • Some horns in beige, white or yellow
  • Eyes (or you can draw some on)
  • Other: black spots (they can also be drawn on) or a yellow nose ring
Farmyard Animal Bookmark Corner Designs

Add details with a black pen – such a nose holes and eye pupils.

Year of the Ox Corner Bookmark

Glue to your corner bookmark. The nose and eyes go no the of the bookmark.

Easy paper corner bookmark for year of the ox

The ears and horns are glued to the back.

Funny Faces Bookmark Corner Animals
Funny Faces Corner Bookmarks! The position of the eyes will add to the character!

Have fun experimenting with the placement of the eyes.

Farmyard Animal Bookmark Corner Designs
Fun Cow & Ox Corner Bookmark (also looks great as Ferdinand?)

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