Valentines Origami Whale Card – I Whaley Love You

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If you are familiar with Red Ted Art, you will have seen these adorable and Easy Origami Whales before! They are a great Origami for Kids to have a go at.

AND… are perfect for some adorable Valentine’s Day Card Making too.. as they make a perfect Valentines Origami Whale Card too!

Origami Whale Card: I whaley whaley whaley Like you
First shared in Jan 2020

Valentines Origami Whale Card – Materials

I made these Origami Whale Cards a little bit bigger than the Valentine’s Origami Bat Card using an A5 card instead of an A6 cards to stick the whale too. But you can of course make the whale smaller too, or maybe not add as many hearts. So to make this Valentine’s Origame Whale Card we used:

  • Purple paper approx 15 x 15cm
  • Scrap paper for hearts (cheeks and water fountain) and speech bubble
  • Light blue card (A4 folded in half) as card stock
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Printable worksheet for the classroom is available over on Teacher’s Pay Teachers!

To make a Valentine’s Origami Whale Card you need to:

Begin by making your classic Origami Whale! We have a choice of the video instructions or the written step by steps below. We plan to have a photo worksheet for you to download ASAP!

How to make a paper whale step by step instructions:

If you find a printable worksheet with photo instructions useful, you can get a copy over on my teacher’s pay teacher’s store!

1) Take a square piece of paper and fold it across the diagonal. Make a neat crease.

2) Open up the square again. Take one edge and bring it to meet the diagonal central line. Repeat with the other side – you should now have a kite shape.

3) Take wider point and fold down to meet the middle diagonal.

4) Then fold in half along the diagonal.

5) Make sure the shorter edge (that opens up is on the bottom). Then fold up the long thin point at a right angle. Make a neat crease.

6) Carefully unfold this last crease, as well as the spine of the whale and push the tail back on itself, so it goes in the opposite direction. This is the trickiest step!

7) Finally, make a little snip between the tail and fold down for fins.

8) Decorate with pens and paper – add rosy cheeks. If using for Valentine’s Day Cards or Mother’s Day, add heart cheeks.

Origami Whale Card: I whaley whaley whaley Like you

Extension ideas for using this adorable Origami Whale Craft:

  • turn your whale into a Mother’s Day Card or Valentine’s Day card by sticking to some card stock and adding speech bubbles: “Mum, I Whaley Love You”, or “I Whaley Whaley Whaley Like You”
  • make a different sizes and create a whale family as a play set
  • add to under the sea collages
  • add some string and make a whale mobile

Once you are done, why not make some Valentine’s Day Cookies to go with it! Such a nice little gift!

Wouldn’t they also make the most adorable Mother’s Day Craft:

Mother's Day Card - Origami Whale - I Whaley Love You, Mum
Mum, I Whaley Love You! A lovely Mother’s Day Card too!!

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