How to make a French Knot

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Learn how to make a French Knot, with this quick and easy tutorial. This is part of a set of Hand stitches for Beginners and provides you both the choice of a video tutorial or a step by step Photo Instructions.

Sewing video tutorial

You can watch our quick and easy to follow video how to, or follow the step by step photo instructions below! Good luck. You got this!!

How to make a French Knot step by step photo tutorial

Or if you find it easier, you can follow these step by step photo instructions here. Remember, a French knot at first is a little tricky and definitely for the intermediate sewer. However, once you get the hang of it, it is a fun stitch to master. The key is to get the tension of your thread right and not wrap or pull the thread too tightly!

Bring needle up from below the fabric.

Point needle down towards fabric and wrap the thread round 3-4 times. I think I did 4. Don’t do it too tightly though.

Insert the needle close to the where your needle came up and pull down and through the fabric.

Pull the needled gently through – again don’t pull too tight. And done!

Hope you found this quick and simple French Knot Tutorial helpful!

We used this French Knot as the eyes of our Bean Bag Chickens!

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