Egg People Decorating

As Pip Squeak (10) prepares for the next great School Egg Decorating competition (ssssh, I can’t tell you YET) what she is working on, she did some research of her own on “Egg People Decorating“.

It dawned on me, that over the years, we had indeed made a number of Egg People before. And that it would be useful to see them all in one place…? So here we go. Plenty of egg decorating ideas for you browse.

Egg People Decorations

Decorating eggs as people and characters is super easy and super fun. One of our favourite Egg People are the eggs we use for our Egg Roll Activity on Easter Sunday. We hard boil enough eggs for the whole family and EVERYONE has to decorate one.

making egg people

It is an easy process – the kids draw faces and bodies on with sharpies or paint pens. Then we cut out bits of wool, which an adult (usually me) hot glues on!

Egg People

We get quite a variety of egg people this way!! And it is fun to see how the kids develop their decorating skills over the years.. unlike Daddy’s which stay pretty much the same year on year. You can have fun with lots of different coloured wool and hair styles. Make finger knitted hair or keep the hair long or short.

Crowned Egg Person

For our Egg Roll Activity – we always have to crown a winner!! The egg that rolls the furthest and the egg that is “least broken”. A simple golden paper crown to add to your Egg Person will do!

More Egg People from Red Ted Art

Though you can browse the School Egg Decorating Comptition page, for a rather big selection of Egg People to make… I thought I would highlight some of our favourites from over the years. Decorating eggs as people, really is easy!

Egg People Mermaids

Egg People don’t just have to be inspired by REAL people…. how about some Egg Mermaids? These were super easy to make on so cute!

Egg Scientist

I ADORE this set of Egg People: Egg Scientists. This was Pip Squeak’s entry in Year 4. Sadly she didn’t win. I wonder whether either, the concept (thinking outside of the box) was too abstract OR if they thought she got too much help. But she didn’t!! She is just getting very good at her egg people decorating. Here you get a peak at:

  • Egga Lovelace
  • AlEGGxander Felming
  • Mary Curried Egg
  • IsEGG Newton
  • EGGwin Hubble
  • Albert EGGstein

Do hop over to see each Egg Scientist in detail plus some great little facts about each one.

Egg People Marching

I was relieved when Red Ted (11) won the Egg Decorating competition in his last year of Primary School. Afterall, year 6 is in Primary is all about the “highs”.. there are school discos, year books, hoodies, a school trip and so much fun to be had when you are “top of the school”. Red Ted made a Climate Change March for his Egg Decorating competition. And I share it here, to show that egg people really can be simple – basically coloured the bottom third of the egg in one colour and then added some fun faces! Simples. Especially if you need a “crowd” of eggs as part of your Egg Decorating display!

egg people talking

Here is a fun alternative to making Egg People – give them “real growing hair” with this quirky Spring Cress Head activity. My kids have made these mainy times and we simply never tire of them. We even had some cress growing in a couple of Pip Squeak’s (winning) School Egg Decorating competition. SO MUCH FUN!

Egg People in printable cars

Egg People in Printable Cards from Hattifant on Etsy (affiliate link!)

egg people printable

Or why not grab yourself some of these super fun printables from Picklebum?!

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