How to Make an Origami Butterfly (simple)

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When Paper Crafts meet Butterfly Crafts! Today we share these simple paper origami butterflies with you. It is wonderful to see my kids get into some basic Origami paper folding crafts – they are now 5yrs and 7yrs and just about able to manage. Interestingly, they do well on these paper crafts for different reasons and depending on the item we are making. My son LOVES making Paper Boats and my daughter simply adores the Paper Bunnies (which we have discovered also turns into a great Pokemon character). Anyway, I am digressing, as part of our paper crafting fun, we have also had a go at these super simple paper butterflies. Nice and easy to make. Very cute and fun and all you need is a square piece of paper… and off you go. This would make a lovely Easter Origami Craft for Kids!

Paper Origami Butterflies how to - easy paper butterflies for children to learn and get into paper crafts

Showing How to make Origami, is best done via video, as you can really see each step well, so here we go:

How to Make a Paper Origami Butterflies

The tutorial for this easy origami butterfly is on auto play, as origami projects really are BEST VIEWED – they are so much easier to follow in this way!

We do however also have this craft as a YouTube video if that is more suitable!

I hope you have lots of fun making these very cute and simple Paper Origami Butterflies! See you again soon!

Easy origami butterflies

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