Easy Easter Origami for Kids

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Easy Easter Origami for Kids. Oh yes. It is time for some more Easy Origami for Kids.. and as we head into a new season.. there is nothing quite like digging out our favourite season crafts. We love Origami.. so long as you find the right pattern, it is a simple but satisfying paper craft to make with the kids. There are LOTS of Educational Benefits of Origami too!

But we love it, as they Origami is fun, pretty inexpensive, makes a great little paper Easter decoration and can also be used to embellish Easter Cards or Easter Gift Wrap! So.. time to bring together our favourite (and hopefully easy?) Easter Origami for Kids! I will attempt to group them by ease.. and hopefully there will be a nice Easter Origami Pattern for everyone to make!

Easy Easter Origami for Beginners and Younger Kids

Adore these Easy Chick Origami Envelopes. A great opportunity to do some letter writing practice and brighten a family memberd day!

Can’t have an Easter Origami Pattern round up, with out these classic of simple origami makes – the Easy Paper Tulip Origami!

Probably THE Easiest Easter Origami Pattern is this Easter Bunny Origami.. so simple.. and yet so cute!

Easy Paper Butterflies – not QUITE Origami.. but a good basis for practicing your paper folder skills.. and they are so pretty it would be a wrong to miss them out!

Easy Origami Egg Cups – these are based on the classic “origami house” and quick and easy to learn!

You will ADORE these paper birds – so so so fun to make. And if your kids know how to make our Corner Bookmarks.. you are half way there to this adorable and easy Origami Bird Design for Easter!

Learn how to make tangram shames and turn these tangrams into cute origami tangram chickens!

Easy Easter Origami Patterns – next level

The first of our Origami Butterfly Patterns.. again more of a “Spring” pattern, but certainly a nice way to decorate with paper for Easter too!

Love these Cheeky Origami Carrots!! They would be super cute Easter Bookmarks or would look great as a little Easter Carrot Garland..

Level up your Origami Skills.. and have a go at this second Easter Rabbit Origami Pattern we have. It is still one of the easier designs.. but just the next challenge up!

More of a generic “Spring Origami”.. these Origami Jumping Frogs are none the less super fun to make!

Our final Origami Butterfly Pattern – if you mastered the butterflies above, it is time to have a go at this Spring Origami Pattern!

Handy Origami Gift Boxes – perfect for some cheeky Easter Eggs

These little DIY Paper Boxes are quick to get the hang of.. and then you can make them for any occassion. Switch the paper for Easter Patterned Paper or pastel papers and off you. go…

Fabulous Paper Box! Great for some cheeky Chocolate Easter Eggs!

Similarly we have a fabulous rectangular Origami Box for you to check out and try too!

Visit Bon Bon Break for these adorable Easter Bunny Baskets

Visit Paper Kawaii for some darling Easter Baskets made from paper!

Origami Puffy Bunny Box by Origami Fun!

Easter Corner Bookmarks – not QUITE Origami…

I have a whole section dedicated to Easter Bookmark Designs… but I thought I should really pick our favourites here today.. and share them for use browsing! Now these bookmarks TECHNICALLY are NOT Origami.. because there is some cutting and sticking involved. However, they are all made from the basic same Origami Bookmark Corner.. and the cutting and sticking is so simple.. that I thought you would enjoy them anyway… right?

Though I personally adore these Corner Bookmark Chickens.. I was suprised at quite how they popular they were on YouTube! Hooray!

The newest of our Easter Bookmark Designs.. are these fluffy Sheep Corner Bookmarks! Easy and cute!

Easy Bunny Bookmark Corner – one of our earliest Corner Bookmark Designs.. which we still love!

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