Easy Chocolate Easter Nest that Kids will love to make!

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Welcome back to Kids Get Crafty! This week we share our easy peasy Chocolate Easter Nests – this is probably the most “obvious”Easter activities I can think of. But just because it is obvious, doesn’t mean it isn’t good. Easter nests are great, as they can be made with most cereals – be it cornflakes, rice crispies or even healthy all bran!

I am sure many of you have made Easter nests before. They are simple. Fun and yummy. And to me, this Easter activity forms part of what childhood is all about.

We actually made ours last year – literally the day before Easter, which is why you only get to see the post now.

UPDATE: since this post was published in 2012 (wowee!), we have made these nests over and over again. For example here we have rice crispy Easter nests made in 2021 as part of our Easter Afternoon Tea baking – we added Smartie Eggs and Hershey Eggs to these:

Easter Nests

In 2020 we made some Peeps Easter Nests…

Peeps Easter Nests
Read all about Peeps here.

…as well as some bunny nests using left over fondant icing:

Bunny Easter Nests

In this recipe, we made ours with cornflakes, but you can use rice crispies or shredded wheat too! We also added optional “coconut grass”.

Chocolate Easter Nest Ingredients:

  • Chocolate (we use approx 500g of milk cooking chocolate)
  • cornflakes or similar,
  • mini eggs,
  • optional coconut grass & food colouring,
  • small cupcake cases

1) Colour you coconut green, by adding some drops of colour and stirring vigorously.

2) Melt your chocolate in  large bowl. We did ours in the microwave. Don’t overheat it will spoil the chocolate!

UPDATE: I now prefer to melt chocolate in a bain-marie, as I have a tendency to burn chocolate in a microwave

chocolate easter nests

3) Add your cornflakes to the chocolate, enough that they can all get covered, if there is still a lot of fluid chocolate, add some more cornflakes. (and look how LITTLE Pip Squeak looks!!! Say “aaaaahhhh”).

UPDATE: it probably ended up being about half a packet of cornflakes/ rice crispies. In our case that made about 22 Easter Nests

easter nests

4) Scoop into casing. Add grass as required.

easter activities

5) And add the eggs. Where you have “grass” you may need to add a drop of chocolate to the mini egg to help secure it in place.

chocolate easter nests

6) Now the most important part. Chocolate moustaches. (Licking off the chocolate is a very serious business by the way!)

So… fancy making some chocolate Easter nests  with your kids? What other East activities have you got planned?

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